Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You must be this tall to ride the internet.

Apparently everyone who interacts with me on the internet expects me to be shorter. It confounds me. I'm a tall-ish lady -- aided by ridic long legs and a 5'7.5" frame who wears heeled shoes all the time. Is it because I'm above average height for a woman? I met a few people at a Times Union Bloggers meeting and one gentleman said he expected me to be shorter, because my username was ALLCAPSDOOM. Compensating for height with caps? I dunno.

He's not the first -- I know that Phil is always confounded at my height whenever we see each other IRL. I'm a tall-ish lady, people.

Strangest thing just happened: I was typing up this entry and the lamp went out. I flicked on the humidifier because it was closer and the light went back on. It was very strange. I sorted it out though -- the lamp wasn't plugged in as tightly as it should be, and I also had Netty plugged into that outlet. So as I move the netbook about I was flicking the light off and on. However it doesn't explain why the light blew in my ceiling fan earlier and now the fan won't even run on that. Weird. I think it's just busted, but I won't worry about it today -- I gotta clean my room out before I let anyone in to look at it.