Wednesday, March 31, 2010

travel travel travel, plus bonus AI coverage

If any of you are familiar with my mall layout and maybe two of you are, you will note that there's a Liberty Travel agency next door to my store. This is one of the worst things for me to have as a neighbour.

Every day they change the destinations and prices of round trip tickets to far off destinations. The prices for round trip to London keep going down, and I keep my eye on the Sydney and Santiago prices. I am very lucky I have no vacation time accrued yet to spend my hard earned money on a trip to some cool place like those. But it's not helping my wanderlust. I want to get up and go somewhere cool, not just across town to Colonie every day.

I have to keep telling myself, once I get moved into the new apartment, once I get settled in a new place I can work toward the goal of getting into the Peace Corps. My goal is to have an apartment chosen in the next two weeks, and if possible, moving most of my stuff by early May. This is of course contingent on finding a place that will allow me to move in early and is ok'd by my roommate.

I just... I want to be irresponsible and go somewhere different. I want to go and visit far off locales. I want to do what Emma did and spend three months travelling North America, or Europe, or South America. I feel trapped, and that this is very much a #firstworldproblem.

I think that's partially why I am more interested in moving to Schenectady instead of somewhere else in Albany. It's going to help, living in a place I'm not as familiar with, and at the same time it will remain basically the same.

PS: American Idol keeps cracking me up. Tim Urban, the first genuine VFTW candidate since Sanjaya! keeps squeaking through. He got Didi eliminated tonight, and I'm both horrified and amused by the whole thing. Additionally, to torment Laura, Lennon/McCartney songs are the theme for the next week. I look forward to the trainwreck.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

american idol post cause it's tuesday

american idol: no caps, no html edition

stop trying to make simon/ellen happen.

siobhan magnus - through the fire (chaka khan)
i see you, backup singers, lurking. oh no, siobhan, that was bad and you should feel bad. oh wait, she does.

casey james - hold on, i'm coming (sam & dave)
i enjoyed this one. i keep feeling like he's forgetting the words but usher said he had forgotten them in rehearsal, so that could be why

mike lynche - ready for love (india arie)
forgot big mike could play guitar. this was really good!

didi benami - what becomes of a broken heart
this was very pagenty. ryan, that was a hot mess of a post-song interview

tim urban - sweet love (anita baker)
i feel he is singing to his puppy dog. just like constantine maroulis did in season 4. also this sounds lounge-y but for tim it's not bad. also, simon, in case you forgot, i love you.

andrew garcia - forever (chris brown)
i hate chris brown, but i didn't hate this cover. this is the andrew we loved in auditions. good show. also i love andrew's mom.

katie stevens - chain of fools (aretha franklin)
is it sad i forgot about her for a minute? wow everyone except siobhan stepped up tonight, even little katie. this song isn't the best for her but i just want the judges to shut up and cease their goddamned bickering. thank you ellen, for staying out of the fray.

lee dewyze - treat her like a lady (the cornelius brothers)
damn is there like plague going round these contestants? crystal, paige, aaron, and now lee. also, i really see him as a lead singer of a band like breaking benjamin. this was my favourite performance of the night and he has officially become my american idol boyfriend.

crystal bowersox - midnight train to georgia (gladys knight and the pips)
why are the backup singers always lurking? crystal is on fire tonight and i want her dress.

aaron kelly - aint no sunshine (bill withers)
he's getting much better, but this wasn't that awesome. maybe this season won't suck after all. who am i kidding?

favourites: lee, andrew, crystal
least favourites: didi, siobhan, tim
bottom three: tim, didi, katie
going home: tim or katie.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Books! but only a couple :(

I only read three books this month, it was very traumatic. April will be better! I know there's two days left but I don't think I can finish another book in that time, so here go the reviews:

12) Émilie's Voice, Susanne Dunlap.
This book reminded me of The Wayward Muse, as an expert in the music field writes a fictional book about a real person, Marc-Antoine Charpentier. It was as far as I can tell factually true to life, like Rosetti in Muse, but like that book it just never really jumped off the page. All I wanted was a happy ending for Émilie, and I didn't get it. Not worth the time I spent reading it.

13) Darkness at Noon, Arthur Koestler.
This is the book I was reading while I was doing my orientation at my new job and the ironies of it made me laugh. This book is set in pre-World War II Soviet Union, which I feel is a missing part of history for many of us. Koestler compiled this book, a work of fiction from the real life situations his friends and colleagues went through while he defected to France and Britain.

The story is about a senior official in Stalin's regime who has outlived his usefulness and his "adventures" in a prison awaiting death. It is entirely fascinating and philosophical. I truly enjoyed the brain workout I got from this book. The ending comes as a relief and with a hint of sadness, and I feel that was Koestler's vision. Definitely find this one if you want a book with lots of thinking ;)

14) The Lazarus Project, Aleksandar Hemon.

Hemon's book was one I had anticipating being so good that I added his other books to my wishlist before I even cracked it open. And I wasn't disappointed. The reviewers compare him to Nabokov, who I have never read, but if he's like Hemon, I probably will.

Vladimir Brik, a Bosnian of Ukranian descent escapes Sarajevo before the war and moves to America. He marries a salt-of-the-earth Irish-American girl, and tries to live the life of a happy American and a struggling writer. He decides his new project is writing the (true) story of Lazarus Averbuch, who was a young Jewish immigrant/refugee from pogroms in Ukraine. Averbuch survived all that to end up dead at the police chief of Chicago's home, only trying to deliver him a message.

Hemon layers the book with dark photographs and interweaves both Averbuch & his sister's story with that of Brik and his friend Rora, a photographer who joins him on his journey through Eastern Europe. This is an adventure you do not want to miss, as nothing appears as it seems and you won't expect what comes around the corners. I'm excited to read more from Hemon.

Also, but unrelated:

(thanks Laurie!)

Friday, March 26, 2010

uh oh spaghetti os

Tomorrow I get to go to my friend Genevieve's son's birthday party and my friend Jen's birthday party.

I bought a new outfit for it, and I did something I never thought I'd do -- I bought a pair of leggings. Wait, wait haters, they didn't have stirrups attached. And if I ever did buy a pair of those you'd be justified in shooting first and asking questions later. But the dress I bought is too short to wear with tights, but it's so cute: this one, in the blue colour. That's where the dress hits me, but I'm not comfortable wearing it that way, so leggings it is.

It could be worse, I could have bought these.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

americAn idol post & lost recaps (lost is at the bottom so you don't get spoiled)

I am so tired but I want to pound out this recap before I go to bed. I'm not gonna cut the AI stuff and will cut the Lost part, because I'm lazy like that.

I liked the original theme they picked for this week: Teen Idols. Instead they gave us Miley Cyrus as a guest mentor and Billboard #1 Hits as a theme. THat's just mean. Plus she and Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato, whoever the fuck they are are performing tomorrow night.

Lee DeWyze - The Letter (The Box Tops)
aka the song that every. male. contestant. ever. has to sing during Hollywood week
Lounge singer lite. Also I feel that this arrangement sucks. If he'd done a rock version of it it would have matched his vocals.


Paige Davis - Against All Odds Fffffffffffff Slezak keeps calling her Paige Miles Davis so I have no idea what her real last name is. ALso this is apparently Mariah Carey's version of Phil Collins' song. Apparently Paige got her voice back. The bad one, at any rate. Also, Miley drank some of Simon's "We Love Paige-aid." Simon seems to have quit cold turkey though.

Tim Urban - Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Queen.
OH DEAR GOD, I wrote when Ryan announced it. This is boring but it doesn't suck. Jonas Bro Lite jumped into the audience. I uh, don't hate it though. Ellen said what I was thinking - High School Musical 4.

Aaron Kelly - I Don't Want to Miss a Thing, Aerosmith.
(I feel like I didn't hate it. Also, Swaybots are go. Also also I feel like someone did a country version similar to this. Also also also I was thinking David Archuleta, which means that Seacrest has hacked onto mine and Simon's wavelenght.)

Crystal Bowersox - Me and Bobby McGee, Janis Joplin
I feel this was a predictable choice, but she blew it out of the water as usual. Does Crystal really know who Miley Cyrus is? "Strong powerful women signed this guitar. Also, Miley Cyrus."

Mike Lynche - When a Man Loves a Woman, Michael Bolton.
I gotta admit, I'm on the Big Mike bandwagon. He's consistently good and while it's nothing I would rush out and buy in stores, I'm liking it. Randy, don't touch Ellen, you are not Simon and Kara.

Andrew Garcia - I heard it through the grapevine, Marvin Gaye
This was a hot mess. Simon had it right when he said we overestimated this dude. You know who would be awesome on Idol right now?

Yah that's right, Alex Lambert, my Mulleted Wonder.

Katie Stevens - Big Girls Don't Cry (Fergie)
For Katie Miley is an excellent choice of mentor. Just stay away from stripper poles though, Katie. Katie sounds like a country-ish Fergie and I don't hate it. Kara seems to be pulling a Paula, if I'm not mistaken. "Chalk and Cheese," Simon? Even me and my Simon-to-English dictionary can't figure this one out.


Casey James - Power of Love Huey Lewis and the News
The vibrato isn't as annoying and that makes me feel better. HOwever there is nothing interesting to this performance. He needs to put the guitar down. Also, Ellen, how can you forget Crystal? Simon, it's not just you, I'm back on Team Simon.

Did Benami - You're No Good, Linda Ronstadt
Not really liking this as much as I liked last week's. This is boring. Although I feel like she almost started crying at the judges.

Siobhan Magnus - Superstition, Stevie Wonder.
Wasn't there a movement to ban Stevie from Idol? Also is it wrong that I voted for her before I heard her song choice or her performance? (I watch on tape delay). Siobhan's hair is a bird, your argument is invalid. I feel that through the medium of hair she is expressing the loss of her fallen colleagues. first Katelyn, now Lacey. I fear if Big Mike gets kicked off if she'll go all Sinead O'Connor on us.

PS- It has come to my understanding that Siobhan is a HANSON stan. Those of you who know what I mean, how does this affect your perception of her?

OK can we just say how much i am in love with richard alpert right now, and also hurley a little bit too?

once we got over the hokey exposition to set up ricardo's background, there was nothing better than this episode. i kept getting a feeling in the pit of my stomach at every turn in the episode. first the man in black appeared and used the same lines to richard that dogen told sayid a couple of episodes prior.

the way they twisted and used poor richard as their pawn, it just kept shaking my perception of the show and what we know to be true/false. and the end revelation that the man in black will kill the candidates that ilana's there to protect, even though she doesn't know how and which one of the kwans she is supposed to cover.

i could watch this episode over and over again. this was one of those amazing, battlestar galactica-esque episodes that made that show so amazing to me to begin with. i also feel that it would make a good standalone to introduce someone to the show, as weird as that might seem.

so oh my god tell me your feelings on this episode and how awesome richard was. best episode of the season (thus far). LOVE IT.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

another day, another writer's block post.

What's the first major news event that you remember hearing about as a child? Where did you learn about it? How did it impact your world view?

I like this question because it made me think a lot about memory and how it works. The minute I read the question my mind jumped to the Challenger Explosion in 1986. I was all set to answer it when I felt that wasn't quite right. For one thing, I was three when it happened. Now, my parents taped the footage from that day when we lived in Burlington VT. (Nikerym was almost a year old at this time.) (Yes, I lived in Vermont as a small child.) (Yes, I am aware that this may explain a few things about me.) Anyway, they taped it and bought the paper from the next day with the articles and preserved it.

A few years later, when we'd settled in Gouverneur NY, I remember finding the newspaper in the downstairs closet and carefully reading the articles and asking my parents about it. I think we watched the footage then (RIP, Peter Jennings -- they don't make newsmen like you any more, sir). Since my family's got a devoted interest in sci-fi and space things, it didn't surprise me.

When I was in the 4th grade, we were given an assignment to write a short little essay on something that someone in our family lived through -- a major event in history. Alas, I didn't really have anything like that, my mom tried to come up with some ideas for me from her side of the family but all we had was the parts for the radiator that my great-grandfather invented, and that my grandfather served during WWII, but none of that really fulfilled the assignment.

She suggested the Berlin Wall falling, but I wasn't really keen on that, and then she remembered the Challenger disaster. I want to say she said we watched it together when it happened but I really don't remember too well -- I was nine or so when this conversation took place. So I went in depth on the Challenger explosion in my paper.

As you can see, the Challenger sticks in my brain because of that, but I don't think it was the first thing I heard about as a child. I tried to think of other things but none of them made that big an impression on me.

Also, I got one of those formspring things. Feel free to question me there.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why St Patrick's Day is Awesome to me, Despite not being Irish.

Four years ago today two of my favourite ladies and I hit the town. And by town I mean George St, which for the uninitiated is North America's longest street of simply bars. This evening was filled with more than one memorable moments, including me photographing a busted up shopping cart, Ash threatening to buy me a cod to kiss, and Candice trying to eat Ming, the hamster. This ended with the cab chase down the nearby street, since George Street was blocked off for the paddy wagons and ambulances.

I haven't had that much fun going out on an evening in a long time, and I miss those ladies and that city desperately. If you want to see my albums from that trip, you can see them here: Newfoundland ♥. (IF we're not Facebook friends and you would like to be, simply add me).

I really wanted to write out a nostalgic romanticized post about this, but my head is pounding and I have to work in the AM again. I am liking my new job so far, and I got to see so many cute children today, I love it. They're easy to distract too.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Right quick American Idol recap for your reading pleasure (or not), Rolling Stones Edition

Mike Lynche - Miss You.
Very musical theater esque.

Didi Benami - PLay With Fire
She does look mad. Why are the swaybots going? Also she really sounds like Adele.

Casey James - It's All Over Now
Dude. The Vibrato. Lose it.

Lacey Brown - Ruby Tuesday

Swaybots are go. Lacey, that was bad and you should feel bad. Also your hair is a bird. And I liked the arrangement.

Andrew Garcia - Gimme Shelter
Oh, no guitar. Yes, this is the Andrew we liked.

Katie Stevens - Wild Horses
Someone had to do it. Little slow, but well sung. Swaybots are go again, and Simon flipped someone off.

Tim Urban - Under My Thumb
Oh dear he's playing guitar. Oh dear lord. Hey, why is it ok for Tim to rearrange a song and make it suck but not Todrick? At least he was entertaining.

Siobhan Magnus - Paint it Black
I don't care I love her I love her I love her. Katelyn Epperly Hair Homage? Also, Laurie, who never watches AI was so impressed that she turned on her phone JUST to vote for Siobhan. The last time that happened? David Cook. *knock on wood*

Lee Dewyze - Beast of Burden
Also the vibrato's not that bad this time. His tone can waver into annoying but if he was fronting a rock band I wouldn't hate.

Paige Miles - Honky Tonk Woman

I said this wasn't a diva song but as I think back on it I don't hate it. ALso, a romper = instafail.

Aaron Kelly - Angie

THIS is what this song sounds like when done well, young Mister Kelly. Yours was terrible. Also your swaybots were broken.

Crystal Bowersox - You Can't Always Get What You Want
Acoustic version. I enjoyed this as usual.

Best of the night: Siobhan, Crystal, Didi
Worst of the night: Aaron, Lacey
Going home: Andrew (I feel like we only eliminate one a week from now on)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Alas, earwax.

Today's Livejournal Writer's Block Question:
If you could choose which fashions would go out of style permanently, what would you choose, and why?

Gee, I goddamned wonder. ;)

Actually, I had a discussion about this with one of my coworkers. I said that we don't need the 80s or the 90s to come back, we should go back to 1920. I said this before I saw the really nice Victorian-esque jewellry we got in and now I really want Edwardian fashions to come back instead. Or more Mad Men-esque outfits. While I don't watch the show, I am in love with the clothing. Also it doesn't hurt to have the gorgeous Christina Hendricks wearing the clothes.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

this is a Non-American Idol Post.

We're not talking about how my heart is breaking for young Alex Lambert, the Mulleted Wonder, and how he should be on the Top 12 instead of most of the dudes and some of the ladies.

Tonight I'm gonna talk about how my weakness is mulleted singers who sound like British dudes I adore Coca-Cola. See, even though I'm not Catholic, I like to try to give up something for Lent, and I usually fail at it. Last year was an exception with the french fries, which I made it through and haven't eaten nearly as many of since. So I figured I'd try soda. Not caffeine, cause that's a baaaaaad idea, but soda. Simple, right?

One week in I totally wanted a Coke, so badly I went to CVS and walked up to the cooler and nearly took one out but I got an Arizona iced tea instead. Good job, me.

Got through the first couple weeks ok, but then every time I'd see someone drinking Coke I wanted one very badly. VERY badly. Then yesterday I spotted my nemesis. You see, for the Canadians & Australian in the house, our soft drinks are made with High Fructose Corn Syrup, as are most things here in the States. (Try not buying anything with HFCS, it's harder than you think.) It has a sticky sort of aftertaste when you drink it, although it's still palatable. Then I discovered when I moved to Albany the glory that is Kosher Coke. You see, according to some part of kosher dietary laws that I'm unfamiliar with, HFCS is not allowed during Passover. So in order to satiate the people who can't drink it during the duration, Coke makes Passover Coke. AKA Kosher Coke, AKA Mexican Cola AKA Awesome in a Bottle. It's noticeable by its distinct yellow cap. (Oddly enough, they also make a Diet Coke with the yellow cap but I don't understand that because diet colas are made with artificial sugar and not HFCS.)

So today I was in the grocery store and I got a bottle of spaghetti sauce, and I couldn't resist buying the Kosher Coke. And I chose to drown my sorrows for my mulleted AI boyfriend in Kosher Coke. Don't judge me.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

American Idol Recap!

Lee Dewyze - Fireflies (Owl City)
I said, “Oh Dear God,” cause I hate this song but I like what he did with it! But lose the vibrato, my dear boy. (Potential AI Boyfriend)

Alex Lambert - Trouble (Ray Lamontagne)
I still love this kid’s voice, he reminds me of James Morrison. I liked it, but I kinda drifted off a bit.
“Don’t be a cocky banana. Nobody likes that.” - Ellen.

Tim Urban - Hallelujah (Jeff Buckley)
My exact words were, “What? NO!” And yet he doesn’t suck doing it. What is this fuckery? Also, I’m certain that this song should be b& from competition. Also, Ellen should hug more contestants.

Andrew Garcia - Genie in a Bottle (Christina Aguilera
Not feeling this that much, there’s no spark to it. Good end to the song though.

Casey James - You’ll Think of Me (Keith Urban)
He’s still got the vibrato but it’s not as bad this week. Really good. Watched this twice cause Miss Distin is in love with her future American Idol husband.

Aaron Kelly - I’m Already There (Lonestar)
Started weak, but he’s got the country genre in the bag. It’s a little rough in the middle, and a little annoying but I don’t hate ALL of it. Shut up, Kara. YES SIMON. You tell her.

Todrick Hall - Somebody to Love (Queen)
Oh dear lord. Someone needs to back off the helium. A rough start but I don’t hate the rest of it. Sounds par for the dudes for the evening, actually.

Michael Lynche - This Woman’s Work (Maxwell)
Whaaaaat. I don’t know the song originally. But once you get past that horrific falsetto at the beginning, this is a fantastic take. What the hell, why is Kara crying?

My favorites: Lee, Alex, Michael
Should go home: Aaron, Todrick
Will go home: Aaron, Andrew.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

aww yeah it's Tuesday!

I love me some American Idol, so hold onto your hats, it's recap time again!

First "out the box" as Randy ridiculously puts it is young Katie Stevens, singing one of my personal favourite songs: Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson. (Like Citadel by Anna Nalick, it's like my personal theme song.)

I like her voice but she's so boring. Also, who told her that fake eyelashes were a good "eye-dea?" Also, shoulder pads shouldn't be worn by someone who wasn't born before they went out of style the first time. Just sayin'. Also, Kara? Another contestant who is too young? Maybe you should have given her spot to Angela Martin or Tasha Layton. /not bitter

Siobhan Magnus, The House of the Rising Sun, The Animals.

Oooh, love the acapella intro. My notes continue on to say YES YES YES YES I LOVE HER. Siobhan is officially my favourite this season. Ellen is on a roll tonight: "I'm from New Orleans, and I've been to that house." Simon and I are having disagreements again, so he can suck it.

Lacey Brown, The Story, Brandi Carlisle.

I HATE HATE HATE THIS SONG. For those unfamiliar with it, here's the original torturous version:

I don't hate Lacey's version and it is much better than last week and a complete 180 from "Landslide".

Katelyn Epperly, I Feel the Earth Move, Carole King.

Channeling her inner Carole King, complete with the hair, Katelyn is sticking with the piano (Wurlitzer? Whassat?) Like the growly bits she did here and there, but whelmed. Ellen is seriously funny tonight: "Is THAT a guitar?"

Didi Benami, Rhiannon, Fleetwood Mac.

Unlike the last time someone did Fleetwood Mac it ended horrifically and for some reason she's still on the show, Didi's take on this song was really amazing. I love her voice and I'm glad she gained some confidence. But what the fuck was up with the horrible camera direction this week? Splitting between the guitar and her face was just bizarre. And the wash was incredibly distracting! Also the AWFUL AWFUL backup singers strike again! (This is gonna be a tough elimination week, I think, I wrote then).

Paige Miles - Smile, written by Charlie Chaplin?

She sounds nervous. Also, may Mighty Thor strike down the vibrato until it is no longer available for musicians because I hate it. This is not going to end well for Paige. Also, why is Cowell feeling himself up, and why did we have to cut to it?

Crystal Bowersox, Give Me One Reason, Tracy Chapman.

She has a giant ring on her finger. I liked this a lot, and she's just heads above the rest of the competition. Including my favourite, Siobhan. (Who I think needs to win, because Crystal would sell a billion records even if she left the show now). Katelyn looks pissed off. Also, Crystal makes this look SO easy.

Lilly Scott, I Fall to Pieces, Patsy Cline.

This was terrible. I liked the mandolin's inclusion but other than that I feel that she didn't do anything new to the song and it was kind of shouty and off base somehow. The judges disagreed with me though...

So, my verdict:
best of the night: Siobhan, Crystal
worst of the night: Paige, Lilly
Elimination guess: Paige, Katie

Monday, March 08, 2010

Books, or why I love them.

Livejournal's Writer's Block Question for yesterday:
Is there any book you can read over and over again without ever getting sick of it? Do you discover something new every time you read it?

Why yes, there are two books in my life that I can simply read over and over and over and over and over and never get sick of them. I've read one in its original language and the other I'm working my way through. (Who is surprised that my two favourite books were not originally in English? Bueller?)

My favourite book of all time, and one I am constantly re-reading as a source of inspiration in both my life and my writing is The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. This book is so amazing and means so much to me. My current facebook quote is from the last lines of the novel:

"Darling," replied Valentine, "has not the count just told us that all human wisdom is summed up in two words? - `Wait and hope.'"

My own philosophy toward my reading materials and my interests in life comes from the middle of the text:

My kingdom is bounded only by the world, for I am not an Italian, or a
Frenchman, or a Hindu, or an American, or a Spaniard -- I am a cosmopolite. No country can say it saw my birth. God alone knows what country will see me die. I adopt all customs, speak all languages.

It's a long read (over a thousand pages) but entirely life-changing for me, who encountered it in French class.

My second favourite book, and one I read all the time (except right now because I damaged my copy far beyond repair and need to buy a new one) is The House of the Spirits, by Isabel Allende.

In a previous post I mentioned that I love the country of Chile, and I never truly explicated why. This book is the gateway to that love. It's not just the history of Chile, it's a family story, with bits of spirituality and just a bit of supernatural beauty that makes this book a winner. It was Allende's first novel and she's only gotten better (ask my friend Phil if I'm wrong). Like Monte Cristo, this book influenced the type of books I want to write, and how I write. It's a little more accessible than Dumas, but just as important to me.

Since the book was originally written in Spanish, I'm trying to read through it in that language. It's a little harder for me because I have a deeper background in French than Spanish, so I have to keep pausing to absorb what I've read, even though I know the story by heart. I will persevere though.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Ladies' Night On Idol!

I started it late, worried sick whether or not Bow-er-Sox(!) would be able to perform after reading dismal things on the internet about her. She was hospitalized for what the internet scuttlebut said was the 'beetus, and there was a possibility that she wouldn't make it for the show tonight.

She did! And she was first.

Crystal Bowersox - As Long as I Can See the Light, CCR.
This is why they delayed the show a night and I am SO glad they did. Straight out the gate with a home run.
Kara of course effed up and said that she did "You Oughta Know" last week, when she did "Hand in My Pocket." Ryan, eager to save us from another Paula-gate, corrected her as quickly as he could.

Haeley Vaughn - The Climb, Miley Cyrus.
Maybe it's my innate hatred of Miley Cyrus but I do not like this song. Haeley's too cloyingly sweet, so maybe she can land a job with Nicole Richie's headband line, since she makes her own headgear. I wrote down, "WHAT THE FUCK IS KATELYN EPPERLY WEARING" at this point. Enunciation of the middle of words would be nice, but I can't throw stones since I can't properly say a multiple consonant cluster to save my life (Kitten, middle, bucket, you know the list. Try me IRL!)
Kara says she's a year too young. Guess who is a year too old next year, Kara? Angela Martin. And she would have sung the hell out of this song. /not bitter

Lacey Brown - Kiss Me, Sixpence None the Richer
This is the band that covered Crowded House, so I have little respect for them, but I wrote simply this: "I am neither under or overwhelmed by this performance." I assume I was simply whelmed, but that can't be the case as I am not in Europe.

Katie Stevens - Put Your Records On, Corinne Bailey Rae.
I don't even care that it sounds too old for her, I loved this song on her. She did an amazing job and I don't care that's she's only 17, I'd probably buy her album. Or download it like I did for certain Idols from last year.

Didi Benami - Lean on Me, Bill Withers.
My favourite memory of this song is my cousin Mike going round the house in AL blasting this song and singing it as loudly as he could over and over again. I mention that because all I liked about this performance is her outfit.

Michelle Delamour - With Arms Wide Open, Creed.
I hate Creed. Hate hate hate hate hate more than most people hate Avril Lavigne's Sk8r Boi (he was a sk8r boi she said see you later boi). But Michelle made this song palatable. She's still one of my favourites, and I made sure to vote for her because I think she's on the bubble :( But uh I feel compelled to mention that she stole Bjork's Oscar outfit.

Lilly Scott - A Change Gonna Come, Sam Cooke.
I remember someone from season 6 doing this, either Syesha Mercado or David Archuleta. I'm still WTFing at Katelyn's outfit at this point. She got a little shouty at the end but still palatable, again.

Katelyn Epperly - The Scientist, Coldplay.
This is one of the few Coldplay songs I can stand and it was because Aimee Mann did a gorgeous cover of it (and i need to youtube the Natasha Bedingfield version Simon referenced). Katelyn put me to sleep, like she did Ellen. (Excellent subtle burn, Ellen, btw).

Paige Miles - Walk Away, Kelly Clarkson
This is one of my favourite Kelly songs, and Paige did a nice job of it. I can see why they like her and her voice, and I hope she sticks around a bit more.

Siobhan Magnus - Think, Aretha Franklin.
I love this girl. I don't know where she came from or what she smokes before each interview/performance but she needs to keep it up. Team Siobhan!

And Ellen's line of the night: "They said don't mix sleeves with a blanket and look at the Snuggie."

My favourites: Crystal & Siobhan
Should go home: Didi & Haeley
Will go home: Didi & Lacey.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

It's the Opposite of Pants on the Ground.

Why is Ryan touching everyone tonight? What are they blurring out in front of Kara anyway? Also her dress is sideways. I do not understand.

Billboard Hits night

Michael Lynche - This is a Man’s World (James Brown)
Nice strong start. Little slow for me, but the vocals are ok.

John Park - Gravity (John Mayer)
That’s enough John Mayer. (/obligatory).
Can I get an upbeat song in here pleaseeeeeeee? The vocals are ok but I don’t like this song.

Casey James - I Don’t Wanna Be (Gavin DeGraw)
Oh dear, he’s gonna play guitar. Eeelectric guitar. This is where being an actual musician and not just a singer comes into play. Brother needs to lose the vibrato though. Also a haircut. Half expected him to smash the guitar.
Randy, STOP namedropping.

Alex Lambert - Everybody Knows (John Legend)
Mullet playing an instrument. Still a nervous Nellie; sounds like James Morrison which I can get behind a bit. Mostly cause James Morrison is English. Oh brother, no that note was a bad idea.
Randy, what? Way legit? Apparently the mullet gives him super powers. Oh lol, Ellen and I are on the same page.

Todrick Hall - What’s Love Got to Do With It (Tina Turner)
Subtle, understated, smooth. I think I like it. Except what is with guys doing horrific last notes? And apparently Todrick is the only one who isn’t allowed to make songs his own.

Jermaine Sellers - What’s Going On, (Marvin Gaye)
What. “I rocks my onesie.” Uh. I kinda dig the tie-dye bowtie, but I dunno about the song. Simon, that was kind of a burn.

Andrew Garcia - You Give Me Something (James Morrison)
Is also a breakdancer. Who knew? I got nothing, it was good.

Aaron Kelly - My Girl (The Temptations)
Oh dear lord. Like a less talented David Archuleta. And I say this as a David Cook fan.
Ok, he’s totally part tomato. Yay, Simon and I are on the same page again.

Tim Urban - Come On Get High (Matt Nathanson) [VoteFortheWorst]
Oh the girlies are at it again. Actually, I’m scared, he’s not bad. One of my favourites tonight.

Lee Dewyze - Lips of an Angel (Hinder)
He’s adorable and can sing. Reminds me a lot of a certain Season Six winner that I loved. One to keep an eye on.

So who should go home?
Tim Urban & Jermaine Sellers.

Who will go home?
Jermaine Sellers & John Park.