Saturday, October 29, 2005


ALLCAPSDOOM comes from an injoke between me and a couple of my girls. So I figured I'd start this, and Aunt Kelly could have the link to it for her family thing, so yay!

Not much to report except that José Théodore CHOKED once again, proving why Claude Julien NEEDS to make Yann Danis the starting goalie but he won't. Really can't blame him, we're overpaying José to sit the bench. But José needs to recognise that that's how he GOT HIS JOB. BY THE STARTING GOALIE CHOKING.

Against the Rangers. YE GODS.

And in lighter news, them Leafses got spanked by the frackin' Senators. EIGHT to ZERO. HAHAH BELFOUR.

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mump5 said...


Great pictures..I forgot how pretty fall is in upstate New York!

Haven't followed hockey much this year, but your Aunt Karen is nuts about it!