Friday, October 16, 2009

NCIS post!

should skip this post.

Guys, Michael Weatherly has come out against Tiva and I don't blame him. But Tiva stans are kinda frightening (see the comments on the article for an example). I'm of the (minority) opinion against hooking up single male/female coworkers on the show because they can (see DS9 for a great example of this, Friends* especially was notorious for this, or even BSG to an extent -- although that one was more understandable, but still annoying, Billy-Killer!). And Michael Weatherly's had to deal with that before -- when he was on Dark Angel they hooked his character up with Jessica Alba's (well, they were also dating off-camera at the time too, but shh).

What are your thoughts on Tony & Ziva getting together? Do you think it should happen or do you think the writers should just forget about it? Are there any good examples of UST-ending relationships that worked that you can think of?

*And if any of you say that you liked Ross & Rachel together, I may just have to beat you.

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