Sunday, June 14, 2009

metal fonts are the best

The things we learn from asking google. Or in this case wiki answers.

In other news, I booked a hostel for my stay in Ottawa. This will be from Jul 2- Jul 5, the 4th being spent with Mlle Julie and her veddink! So excited! Another awesome thing is that I will be staying at the Jail Hostel in Ottawa. Dave pointed me to it, and I have to say I'm incredibly excited. Not only is it an actual JAIL converted into beds, it's also allegedly haunted. By the ghost of Patrick Whalen. Uh, guys, he assassinated Thomas D'Arcy McGee, which is kind of a BIG DEAL in Canadian history. And that's where I lost half of you. Anyway, I just wanted to gush on that.

Also, I finished watching S1 of NCIS, which if you don't watch you should. This show is hilarious and entertaining. And it has forensics and it has crime and it sometimes has hot men in uniform. Uh yeah.

Also also, I set up the wireless network for my house today all by myself. It was actually surprisingly easy and I only wanted to toss the laptop out the window once. And in one final note, I would just like to say that this storm is so badass that it set off a car alarm.

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