Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Reality Singing Show Time!

NYC American Idol auditions

So much has been made of teh dustup between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj, but no one is talking about how much I want to see some fool try to sing one of Mariah's greatest songs to her. SERIOUSLY. You know someone did. The woman is a great singer/songwriter (haters may hate), an amazing singer. She was one of the best mentors this show had (S7: See David Cook's choice of "Always Gonna Be My Baby").
Also, millions of Americans just realized that Keith Urban, a country star -- was actually Australian.
Of course, this appears it to be the season of focus on the judges again. We're 17 minutes in, including a couple of commercial breaks, and we've seen one audition. First auditioner who isn't a joke is singing a Mariah song. At least this one's not horrible.

And of course Randy Jackson asks himself how he votes. It's not American Idol if Randy Jackson isn't trying to steal the spotlight.

Oh and of course it's time to make fun of the Asian teenager who has an accent and thinks he's the next Justin Bieber. Mariah gave a wonderful reply to the kid, telling him that if he really does love music, he could consider DJ. But Randy tries to ruin it of course.

I think the theme of this season is clearly SHUT UP RANDY.

aaand we have achieved white guy with guitar and sob story. So he's the winner of season 12, right? Whoa, he was sent away. I'm shocked, because he broke out both the Jason Mraz and Bon Jovi.

Another quirk this season is allowing people to be nominated to Idol. Totally stolen from The Voice -- Carson Daly hand delivers invites to the blind auditions, and for some reason they send Randy Jackson to invite the white girl with guitar plays. And apparently a capella auditions are a thing of the past if you're a dude or lady with a guitar.  Randy told her to play the guitar and Nicki won't let her sing again. So unfair.

After an hour and 15 minutes I've heard 2 people who could sing and one who I guess could outside of her screeching (Israeli megastar). I know it's episode one, but SHOW US THE TALENT JFC.

Also I love the girl with the country singing both Carrie Underwood and Nicki Minaj -- then Randy tried the pigeonhole crap with her and got Keith Urban thrown under the bus.

And again with the tired trope of pushing the Asian dudes who can't sing. Way to play to stereotypes, Idol.

So we heard like 5 people actually going through. Let's hope that next episode has a little bit more in the way of auditions.

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