Wednesday, February 24, 2016

American Idol Series Finale

In case you were unaware, American Idol's 15th season is its last until its inevitable reboot 10 years from now. And it's been trimmed down so its finale is in April this year, giving us less than 2 months to declare the "bookend to Kelly Clarkson."

So I decided to revive my recaps for the live episodes....and just in time too, because Idol decided to make it mega complicated. You see, we didn't vote until this week. The judges (Harry Connick Jr, Jennifer Lopez, and Keith Urban) picked our top 14 for us.

Then there was tonight.

Ryan announced that we would fill the 10 chairs on the stage for the top 10, but here's the catch. 4 of the singers would not be singing! The judges picked four contestants to proceed to the top 10 because America can't be...trusted? Anyway. The 4 chosen ones don't have to sing this week, which I think puts them at a disadvantage. They haven't had to sing for a live television audience yet!

So the judges selected Dalton, LaPorsha, Olivia, and Trent. How did the rest do, singing their best songs from this audition cycle?

Manny Torres - Master Blaster
Okay, I don't remember him doing this from the audition rounds, and he's just as forgettable here. I am reminded of Deandre Brackensick's far better rendition, and this was just bleh. I think Manny's one of our 4 casualties tomorrow.

Gianna Isabella - I Put A Spell on You
She literally did this song last week. She did it better this week, but I am annoyed she repeated her song. At least there weren't as many cutaways to Brenda K. Starr this week. I wonder if Gianna's last name is Starr too. Is that even Brenda's real last name? I wonder what dirt she has on J. Lo? ANYWAY.

Thomas Stringfellow - Story of My Life
I would say next season they should stop letting people do the same songs over and over on this show (Alex Preston did this better). At least he didn't use any weird pronunciations. And Harry called him on his weird affectations that are so obnoxious. But no, Ryan, we do not want T-String to happen.

Tristan McIntosh - What Hurts the Most
Okay, at least we were spared our 500th viewing of her audition video with her mom surprising her by coming home from Afghanistan or something. And while she sobbed and stole this song from another girl in solo rounds because OMG ITS THE SONG SHE LOVES WITH HER MOM she did an amazing job this time out. Get it, girllllllll.

Avalon Young - Yo (Excuse Me Miss)
I kinda dig Avalon. She doesn't give a fuck. No/minimal makeup, shapeless sweaters, and she sings the songs without changing genders (No Excuse Me Sir or Mister). She has such a great voice! I kind of want to hear more -- a less annoying Avril Lavigne, I think.

Jenn Bloss - True Colors
Two words:

oh she sang too
it was just okay


Lee Jean - Make It Rain
Yawn. Mr Jesse liked it though. We will allow it.

Sonika Vaid - I Surrender
Why don't I remember Celine Dion doing this song, and somehow think it was Lara Fabian? I don't know. I will spend some time on Youtubes tonight figuring this out. Sonika is lovely. She is one of our two The Voice contestants on American Idol, FYI.

Jeneve Rose Mitchell -- Ring of Fire
I'm over her. I'm not sure I was ever really under her? But her mountain woman schtick is wearing thin. And I don't like her cover of Ring of Fire at all. I'm not sure why.

Mackenzie Bourg - Roses (original song)
Mackenzie was on The Voice, I believe he was a top 20 contestant. He was an annoying hipster then, and he's an annoying hipster now. At least he sings his own songs nicely though.

Now, for who I think will go through, and who I *want* to go through. But first, Mr Jesse's six picks.

Avalon, Lee, Tristan. That's all he wants. Just those three. The ones he really likes are already safe, haha.

My six pack: Avalon, Tristan, Sonika, Mackenzie, BEDAZZLED EYEBROWS, and grudgingly T-String..

Who will actually make it (Thanks America): Mackenzie, Tristan, Avalon, T-String, Lee, Jeneve.

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