Thursday, February 25, 2016


Tonight, on Idol, we selected our Top 10. Well, we picked our top 6 out of 10 from yes....well you read yesterday's math.

Anyway, here's who made the top 10:


Gianna (Mr Jesse then said, "I'm Brenda K. Cited!")
Avalon (yay!)

Bye, Bedazzled Eyebrows. Bye Jessie from Toy Story. Oh, bye T-String. And Manny.

Anyway, here's tonight's singing:


Olivia, Unconditionally (Katy Perry)

a rough start but I love this kid (she's 15). Sweet, and a good cover! (She's first so we have to vote extra hard). Also she sang with David Cook the previous week so she gets a special bye.

Gianna, Listen (Beyonce)
whoever did her makeup pancaked her a little too much, she looks like a ghost. Mr Baby chattered over the whole song so I didn't get any idea of how she did. The audience seems to be eating it up though. But J Lo started with "sweetie pie." so it was not good.

Lee, Skinny Love (Bon Iver)

Did they put all the 15 year olds at the front end? It's kind of scary that they are the same age as the show. Also I forgot about Chris Medina (incidentally one of my Doctors was named Chris Medina)

Mr Baby providing occasional backing vocals (EEEEE, he sings) This was a nice cover. I think I've heard the original before. You can definitely tell that Lee is a fan of contemporary singers.

Creepy Scott Borschetta appeared and Mr Baby farted at him. I agree. #driveby

Avalon, Stitches (Shawn Mendez)
Incrementally increasing her makeup. I just like this girl. I don't have a reason, she doesn't belt high notes, but I just like the sound of her voice. Everyone vote for her plz. Harry is using his musical knowledge on us. Kelly loves her. Like love loves her. (Even though she was Team #Guarini in Season 1. Although Mr Jesse is #TeamLilSweets

Dalton, Hey There Delilah (Plain White Ts)
I fucking hate this song. HATE. but Like Kelly with Avalon, I really like Dalton's cover of this! It reminds me of my FBR fandom days, and he even wears eyeliner! I could have done without the "OH THE LADIES LOVE YOU" and Kelly called Harry out on it by saying "there were guys cheering too!" and I am quite pleased because geez, don't assume everyone on stage is  straight js.
Anyway, Mr Jesse hopped off Lee's bandwagon and onto Dalton's.

Also, we learned that Mr Jesse never heard my other husband David Cook's cover of "Always Be My Baby."

Tristan, Nothing Like You (Dan + Shay)
I'm gonna assume she did a good job, because it sounded like a baby laughing. I will give you 3 guesses as to which Slumbersaurus talked over Tristan's song. At least it wasn't a ballad?
Oh she's 15 too, so there goes my frontloading theory.
Harry told her not to sing songs that aren't so obscure.

Mackenzie, I See Fire (Ed Sheeran)
he was like Oh me and my mom watched American Idol. SO WHY DID YOU TRY OUT FOR THE VOICE FIRST?!
Oh, this is why Lee did Bon Iver, huh?
He does have a lovely voice. I forsee a Dalton-Mackenzie finale. It's early yet though. I wish he'd done "Song of the Lonely Mountain" by Neil Finn though. SOMEONE COVER CROWDED HOUSE PLEASE.

LaPorsha, Diamonds (Rihanna)
This song choice does explain her jewelry choice. Kelly is dancing in her chair already. Holy crow, I love this rendition. SHUT IT DOWN.LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. Pretty much how Kelly and J Lo felt. Harry's comment of "there's your critique" to Kelly miming a mic drop (don't actually drop the mic -- we saw what happend last season).

Sonika, Bring Me to Life (Evanescence)
Oh hello 2005 me. Also, I figured out why I thought Lara Fabian did I Surrender, it was because I was hearing Kelly mashed up with Celine singing. The more you know.
I am a little disappointed. She didn't really go toe to toe with Amy Lee here. Competent, but it's hard when you hear the original running through your head. At least we know she can hit high notes.

"If you wake up, we will have a real competition this year."

Trent, Like I Can (Sam Smith)
Can we talk about how much I love that shirt? And the hat, But mostly the shirt. Also, I wondered how he was going to top the ladies who preceded him (LaPorsha and Sonika) but damn, he did a good job. LaPorsha owned it though. Mr Mono seems to have made a fantastic recovery.

My BEST OF THE NIGHT: La'Porsha, La'Porsha, La'Porsha. 4th is Trent.

Top three (for realsies) La'Porsha, Trent, Olivia
Bottom three: Lee, Gianna, and (rewatched) Tristan.
Going home: Lee or Gianna.

Mr Jesse's BEST OF THE NIGHT: Dalton
Going home: Gianna, possibly Avalon.

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