Sunday, December 27, 2009

Incredibly real-feeling dream I just had

Ok, so for some reason I was in Ottawa in the summer. I think I was just outside of Parliament, but near a bank of some sort. I saw this bus or taxi crash into the marble front of the bank. As I stood there, while it was on ffire, I saw this helicopter flying over the river, but it was a helicopter towing a tractor trailer, but it wasn't. I pulled out my camera and filmed it as it exploded and crashed down to earth fifty feet away from me, near where the taxi accident had been.

Turns out the helicopter was a flying saucer and it had aliens in it. But nobody survived either accident. Then I went and caught my bus back to the US and this dude kept following me, real creepy like. He was there one minute and not the next. Then he revealed that he was a vampire, and I told him to GTFO. A big wrestler type dude, complete with singlet and messed up hair came over and removed him.

I got to customs and another creepy dude was there. He was following me too. And I explained to the customs lady what I had been doing in Ottawa, and got on the bus. Creepy #2 wasn't with me. I got back to Albany and into my room and in bed, and I got up because I heard a noise. And the lights wouldn't flip on, so I opened the window to the streetlights and saw the two creepsters hanging out in my room. "It's not gonna work," Creepy #1 said. I yelled for the Wrestler guy and he took Creepy #1 out.

"You can't get rid of both of us that easily," Creepy #2 said. And then I heard a knock on my door and I woke up.

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