Thursday, July 09, 2009

Honduras update!

This time with more satire!

Top Ten Reasons the US Isn't Getting Its Panties in a Twist Over Honduras

4,6,7, and 8 are the best.

Basically, this story has dropped off radar, so I'm doing my best to keep everyone updated.
The General who arrested Zelaya said that he had a hard time doing it, but it was necessary to save democracy.

Like Maricela and I said at the beginning, it seems like this whole thing needed to be done but it would have been so much easier if they hadn't shipped Zelaya off to Costa Rica.

Zelaya's supporters are going on strike. He seems to have union support, especially with educators. Now I love me some unions (as does the Pope) [really, I just wanted an excuse to post the Pope link])

Ok, come on Zelaya, could you look any more like a villain if you tried?

(thanks to Laura for the papal link!)

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