Monday, July 13, 2009


Last night I worked from 6pm to 3am doing the new floorset. Well, really I processed freight and everyone else set up the store. When I emerged from the back room, there was a wall for LEGGINGS. Entirely devoted to leggings. AND GUESS, oh GUESS, dear readers what one type of leggings were labelled along the wall. Go on, guess.

I'll wait.

Yeah. Luckily they haven't come in yet. Otherwise I might have to light them on fire. Unlike my home store, which nearly caught on fire. My roommates both worked tonight and told me how they had to evacuate the mall after a power outage to their side of the mall.

So! Latest on Honduras. (Yes, I'm still posting about that. You all can play tl;dr).

Because Chávez and Zelaya are BFF, Chávez cut off oil supplies from Venezuela to Honduras in a classic move.

Zelaya, in turn decided his move would be to give an ultimatum. A vague ultimatum.

And finally, teachers returned to work after ending their strike. Teachers struck originally to support Zelaya.

Apparently Zelaya has a fetish for these hats:

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