Saturday, July 25, 2009

Reasons I dislike Colonie Center.

Reasons why I dislike Colonie Center Mall:

1) It requires me to either take two buses or walk fifteen minutes to catch a bus.

2) To go home at night requires a wait of an hour.

3) The stupid mall locks the entrances until 9am except the one at the very rear of the mall.

4) Barnes & Noble opens at nine, which means I can't sneak through there to get to work.

5) They started locking the utility corridors in the morning so I can't sneak in through the front.

6) Sears opens at 8am on Saturday, but they keep the gate to the Mall itself closed. JERKS.

7) The escalator and stairs to the first floor are ridiculously far away from the food court. This makes my half hour lunch break a pain in the ass.

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