Tuesday, April 06, 2010

didgeridoo and bagpipes too?

this is American Idol -- Lennon and McCartney style. AKA the night that Laura runs away cursing my name.

Aaron Kelly - Long & Winding Road
This could have been good. It sounds like a Rascal Flatts tune and he does his best but there's something lacking. The bad note at the beginning and the power of ONTD-AI and VFTW may doom him. DOOM!

Katie Stevens - Let it Be
I don't know why she discounts country music. I can hear it in her. Although if they start that debate again I'm strangling both Simon and Kara.


Andrew Garcia - Can't Buy Me Love
This reminded me of his Maroon 5 audition, which was amazing. I can see the corny side but I still loved it.

Mike Lynche - Eleanor Rigby
I seem to remember a certain American Idol husband of mine doing this song. I was dismayed to find someone doing it, but Mike did a completely different version of the song and if you don't watch him perform, he does an amazing job.

Crystal Bowersox - Come Together
Carly Smithson did a version of this song. (Did they not have a L-M night in season 8?) Her version, like Crystal's, was smooth and sexy. I loved it.

Tim Urban - All My Loving
The first one I hadn't heard before. I'm going to blaspheme here and say he reminded me a bit of Michael Bublé. But with a bajillion percent less talent. Not horrible.

Casey James - Jealous Guy.
I'm not that familiar with John Lennon's solo work, so I originally wrote the title as "Gentle Sky." Hey, it sounds Lennon-esque, sue me.
I hated this. The vibrato that annoyed me is back in full force and I did not enjoy this in the least. Simon and I are broken up again. How was this the best performance of the night when Crystal performed ahead of him?

Siobhan Magnus - Across the Universe
Fiona Apple did a lovely cover of this song and so does Siobhan. This reminded me of her performance on House of the Rising Son, and she was so lovely and restrained on it. Just amazing.

Lee Dewyze - Hey Jude
He's got the confidence and the smile and I just love it and him. He'd make a great band lead singer, I'm not even lying.

Can you guess which performer used the didgeridoo and which used the bagpipes? You might be surprised.

My verdict:
Best of the night: Lee, Siobhan, Crystal
Worst of the Night: Casey, Aaron.
Bottom three: Aaron, Katie, Tim
Going home: I want to say Tim again.

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