Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It is that time of the week again: where I watch American Idol so you don't have to. I know you were all looking forward to the compilation of the horrors of Lennon/McCartney night, but she already saw them so I can't torture her with them. Meanie.

Anyway, it's Elvis edition which gives me flashbacks to Season 5, and Chris Daughtry. But tonight's mentor is Season 8's own Adam Lambert, who I totally think is awesome. Most of you know I didn't watch last season because I didn't have cable and AI loses its punch if you don't watch it same day.

Crystal Bowersox - Saved
A song in her wheelhouse. Another excellent performance and I truly enjoyed the scream at the beginning.

Andrew Garcia - Hound Dog
He has a parachute in his pocket. Love that Adam told him straight up he was boring. (OH. See what I did there?) Lounge-singer esque. Vocals sound good, and like Ellen, I was entertained. Surprised the others didn't like it, thought it might have been his "hallelujah" moment. (Apparently where Jason Castro started to suck less, but I begged to differ. But I hate hippies. And can't explain my love for Crystal Bowersox.)

Tim Urban - I Can't Help Falling In Love
Turban? Really, Seacrest? Really? Again I don't hate it. Sounds like something my customers and their children would listen to in my store.

Lee Dewyze - A Little Less Conversation*
This is the song Daughtry lost on :(
I like this version too, it's different from Chris's take on it, and I really love his smile. SHUT UP I LOVE HIM.

Aaron Kelly - Blue Suede Shoes
Another for the Disney Radio Express. I could hear this song alongside Selena Gomez (who may I just say has more computer in her vocals than Britney does). Definitely one for the kiddies. I wrote: "Disney Idol?" Some fancy footwork from Aaron though.

Siobhan Magnus - Suspicious Minds*
Wait, was THIS the Daughtry Elimination song? I know he did both.
I feel like I'm in an 80s infomercial or Church. Until she got to the chorus. I agree with the judges, her split singing personality isn't working in this song.
Siobhan's hair is taller than Seacrest.

Mike Lynche - In the Ghetto
Consider this me climbing on the Big Mike Bandwagon. He sold this song and it was, alongside Lee's, my favourite of the night. Adam Lambert gave it a Standing O. Not mad they saved him now.

Katie Stevens - Baby What Do You Want Me to Do?
She sounded better in the clips with Adam. The edge isn't there. Simon's right, it was loud and annoying.

Casey James. I tried to get the name of the song but I can't figure it out. No clue.
I totally forgot him. I kept wracking my brain to figure out which Idol I was missing. I did this to Katie last week. This has that bleat that I find so annoying, and I can't stand it.

Best of the Night: Lee, Mike, Crystal
Worst of the Night: Aaron, Siobhan
Bottom Three: Aaron, Andrew, Katie
Going home: Aaron & Andrew.

so, are you an Elvis man, or a Beatles man?


So tonight's episode was all about Hurley, but I couldn't help but notice once again how awesome Desmond is. PS: I totally yelled at the TV when Locke brought Desmond to the well. I knew he was gonna throw him down, but then he didn't, but I didn't calm down. I knew that Scottish unlucky bastard was going down there.

Also, I enjoyed a cathartic response when Desmond smacked Locke in his wheelchair a scene later. Even if it's in a different universe, it's nice to see that Desmond's getting vengeance set himself up to send Locke to meet Jack and himself to meet up with Sawyer, a cop.

And now, my favourite GIF featuring our favourite Scot:

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