Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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So I was expecting a TRAINWRECK OF EPIC PROPORTIONS for Shania Twain week. I was super duper psyched expecting so many failures -- I couldn't wait to leave work and get some popcorn and make a night of it.

And I didn't get any popcorn and I didn't get any trainwrecks. GDI, Idols. You're supposed to be a weak class, what the fuck?

Ok here we go:

Lee DeWyze - You're Still The One

You're still the one stuck in my head, song. GDI. But Lee started out a bit shaky at the very beginning, very nervous. He "worked it out, dawg," and made another good performance. I'd argue the best of the night, but I'm biased. #TeamLee

Michael Lynche - It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing
This was a ridonkulously good performance. Big Mike can sing, and the more he performs the gladder I am that they did save him after all. He kept the preening to a minimum.

Casey James - Don't
This was miles better than last week. He even kept the goat tied up out back. I genuinely enjoyed this performance for once. I even told Name Twin so via text while I was watching it.

Crystal Bowersox - No One Needs to Know
This is a cute little song, and she sings the hell out of it. However, Simon's not wrong. This has a coffeeshop feel, and I know I'm always annoyed when I hear a band in a coffeeshop or a Goodwill* and can't hear myself think.

Aaron Kelly - You Got Away
This is not a bad week for anyone, it appears. Aaron does a nice job, but I was simply whelmed. I feel like it won't be enough to save him. Although he did dedicate it to his mommy.**

Siobhan Magnus - Any Man of Mine
Leave it to Siobhan to sing the non ballad of the night. Well sung, but I feel like she didn't have the staccato vocals this song calls for, and I am just not feeling it like the judges are. Ok, the ending is a keeper.+

Best of: Lee & Big Mike
Bottom 2: Aaron and Casey (I really am unsure at this point, I feel like they're the weakest fanbases though)
Going Home: Aaron

*I once did see a band practicing in a Goodwill store.
**I am auditioning for Idol this summer and I plan to dedicate any appearances I have on TV to my mom, who made me watch this show seven seasons ago. PS: I can't sing and I know it, but I am gonna audition anyway.
+I can't remember what my point was gonna be here.

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