Saturday, February 14, 2009

Get out of my line.

So we have a big sale going on. A lot of clearance is 5.99, including old colours of camis, and tank tops. So a lady comes up to me with a bunch of the basic colours that never go on sale, cause we sell them at full price all year round. "How much are these?"

"Buy one get one half," I said.

"But the sign said they were 5.99."

"No, just those colours are 5.99. Did you get them off that rack?"



Later, a lady brought up five of them; cashier rang them up.
"I thought those were five for 20."
"No, they're buy one get one half."

"The sign over there says it."

"That's for the panties."

"Well you should have a descriptor on it to make it clearer."

"Oh, you mean like the one that says CITY STYLE PANTIES right on top of the 5 for 20 sign?"


Yeah that's right.

And my favourite type of customer:
Coupon for 20/60. Her items totalled 49.90. I suggested socks, to which she said, "oh my friend LOVES socks!" Then she wandered into the 9.99 clearance, and to save her from eventual heartbreak, I told her that the clearance stuff we cant use the coupon on. To which she storms back over to the register to say, "What, so you can't use your coupon on anything? Ugh, and to spend ten dollars to save twenty. What the hell."

Roughly 1/6 of the store is clearance. Probably less than that. Also, you managed to find $50 worth of stuff already, what's stopping you from finding $10 more? Three pairs of socks for your friend who loves socks would have done it. Jesus, get out of my line and go away.

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