Sunday, February 01, 2009

Oh, before I forget...

This lady and her sister, I got them some white pants from our back room, since we never did ship our summer stuff as out of season stuff. Dunno why, the company just didn't have us do that this year.

So later they come up and I start ringing them up and folding them to the best of my ability, which is admittedly not the best. (I've actually been b& from board folding shirts for this reason. I was told by Tiffany, "You know, Amanda, you are really really good at a lot of things," she says, "but board folding is just not one of those.") So the woman gets mad that I have folded these already wrinkled crop pants badly.

These pants, mind you, have been in our stockroom and in and out of various boxes since September. They are mildly wrinkled, and mildly is putting it, well, mildly. So she takes it from me and folds them again. So I keep ringing, and apologize, cause well, I suck at folding. She looks at her sister and says, "Don't they teach them how to fold here?"

Ugh. BITCH. Whatever. Anyway, I keep ringing and she folded her pants. "You're lucky these are on sale, otherwise I wouldn't be folding them," she says to me. What the hell do I say to that? Oh, so if they were regular priced I'd have to do the folding? What? IDGI. Shut up and go away.

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LWM said...

Maybe you could have pressed them for her too...

You should have crinkled the bitch's pants up into a little ball and stuffed them into the bag.