Monday, February 09, 2009

This shit is bananas....

My two favourite shows are my life right now -- Battlestar Galactica and Lost continue to be amazing and a great chance to escape how boring and mundane and not fun my life is.

I realized that my theme song is a Jordin Sparks song. This may or may not be horrific. (One Step at a Time, in case you were wondering).

I am a master grocery shopper. I got five dinners, three boxes of tea, a 2L of Dr Pepper, two lunches, and cereal and yogurt for 21.51. I had budgeted 35.

I'm not sure that Lemon Zinger is really going to be that great of a tea.

Bridget thinks I listen to David Cook nonstop. She's not wrong, but I am currently obsessed with the new Fall Out Boy album, which is really really good.

I am right now reading yet another book on the Tudors, called The Tudors. So far I haven't learned anything all that new, but it's really nice to refresh on all the details I've gleaned from all the other sources I read. Including, oddly enough, Phillipa Gregory.

Put down The Road for a bit -- got a bit creeped out and had to take a break.

Did a little flist/comm clean up. See what I mean my life is boring.

March 5-9 I will be in Ottawa. Take note. Also of note: I have been to Ottawa more times than I can count, but I have yet to visit my own country's capital. I'm pretty special like that.

Nikki has decided I can't be a real Canadian because I can't eat maple syrup.

Apparently blogspot says I can't have that many tags. It's not my fault I'm verbose.

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