Friday, February 12, 2010


Tonight I'm working on the book. I'm just writing the ending, because I wasn't satisfied with the one I wrote this summer. I'm adding a bit more exposition, and explaining a few things I left untied. My plan is to print it out and put it in a binder so I can edit the paper copy. I'm super duper excited, because it's coming closer to being done. EEE So excited. I'll be able to move on to finishing the prequel and starting the sequel/prequel. (It makes sense in my head).

So today I got up and thought I had to work, and as I checked the bus schedule I noticed my handwritten worksched by the computer and it said nothing for Friday. Paranoid, I hopped the bus anyway and arrived to find no, I didn't have to work today. Whoops! I know that Tabby and Kathy got a good laugh out of me this AM. i don't mind. I went into Borders and came out with three more books. Shut up. I'm working my way through a really long book right now but I am really enjoying it except for one teensy tiny little thing that you'll see when I review it and four other books at the end of the month. But yeah Borders had dollar books again. There weren't many left of quality, but I picked out three and I think I will enjoy them.

So from there I hopped the bus to Colonie Ctr to see my buds at the other store and go to Christmas Tree Shop because I heart that place. Then I came home and I've been home ever since, yay me. That's my life.

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