Saturday, February 06, 2010

random shizzle

I've been doing the Two Hundred Situps thing for four weeks now and I love it. Tonight kicked my ass, because I did 42 sit-ups in a row and I had never done that before. I really feel that I'm getting something out of it. When I finish the regimen in another three weeks I plan on restarting it to get better at it.

Once the weather warms up (cold weather makes breathing difficult), I'm going to try doing the Couch to 5k thing. I thought that would make a nice edition to my sit-ups, as I need the cardio. In the meantime I'm just gonna keep up walking briskly around my neighborhood.

Today people came to look at our apartment. 4 dudes came by and I was all like, uh this is the living room, it's cool, whatever. I dunno, I never showed an apartment before.

I had to work tonight but my heart was over at the SLU-Union game. I never seem to make it to either Chowderfest or SLU hockey games down here. I need hockey back in my life. I need to make good on my promise to take Miss Chrissy to a hockey game, as she's never been to one. (Yes, be shocked and awed. I was.)

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