Wednesday, February 17, 2010

television television

I figured I'd do a scorecard of the shows I have been watching.

Chuck - I jumped into Season 3 after seeing some of S1 and none of S2. I love Casey and Captain Awesome. The rest of the cast is fun too. It was disconcerting for the first few episodes as Angie Harmon appeared and for some bizarre reason I couldn't remember her name, and then Brandon Routh apeared and I knew that name from somewhere (ps: He was Superman), but I was more distracted by how hot he is. Yeah, I said it.

Castle - High-larious as ever. Nathan Fillion remains the reason to watch the show with his gifted comedic and acting talents, and I'm warming up to Stana Katic. Ryan & Esposito always manage to come through with a few good jabs. This show, you don't really need any background for except that Nathan Fillion is absolutely ADORABLE.

Border Wars - I really think this humanizes those guys at the border that are all gruff and mean with you sometimes at the Canadian border. I believe that in order to be assigned to the Canadian border you have to spend at least some time on the Mexican one. It's an intense job, and one I would find extremely rewarding -- like the episode where they made a million dollar heroin bust.

Human Target - Finally watched the premiere and recognized the guest actress as being somewhere in the back of my head. (Look, I made a Six joke). Chi McBride, recently from the late great Pushing Daisies plays the same character here. And Jackie Earle Haley is some weird guy who helps out Mark Valley in his death defying stunts. The pacing's a little off, and I felt like a lot of it was forced, but we'll see how episode 2 fares.

V- Finally finished the fourth episode and I'm still hooked. I can't wait to see what happens to Joshua, although I am certain what is going to happen to Erika's son (I really can't remember his name). Also, I called Lisa as Anna's daughter. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series, and I'm fairly certain I would watch Elizabeth Mitchell in anything*.

Psych - Of course they're sending Abigail to Uganda. Wouldn't want anything to come between Jules and Shawn, would they?. This show is still hilarious -- who cares if the cases don't make sense.

American Idol: I really can't figure out why Alex Lambert & Haeley Vaughan made the cut. I can tell you why Katelyn Epperly did -- Simon's tastes run to young blonde girls. This show made a mistake when it cut Thaddeus Johnson and Angela Martin. Alex is a washout, and Haeley yells every song she sings. STOP SHOVING HER DOWN MY THROAT, America!

I am feeling like I am forgetting something. I found that IFC is showing Arrested Development reruns. Since I don't have the DVDs this is the next best thing. I tape the BBC America news to get my world news fix.

*I really don't care for most blonde actresses and I can't put my finger on why but it seems like Ms Mitchell is the exception to that.

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