Saturday, February 20, 2010

Books, books, and more books!

I attended this today. Since it started at 1 and it's not even 2, you can figure out how well I felt it went.

I got there, then realized I needed money, so I ducked to CVS to get out some money, and came back. I wandered around and realized that most of the presses setting up there were for poetry, and that's just not my bag, baby. I like occasional poetry but to buy a whole book is kind of pushing it for me. So I wandered over to a press out of Kingston that had some real thick hardcovers. YES. This was the jackpot. Every single title he had was something I would read. I had to listen to a young St Rose student try to get a possible submission to this guy who would have none of it, as he said he was backed up by two years. I bought two of his books, since they were half price and one wasn't even out yet. (It'll be out in April!) Twenty bucks, which I thought was a pretty good deal.

I really came not only for the books and publishers but for the book swap that was advertised. I brought a whole bag of books to swap and I was dismayed to see that there was no swapping in sight. I ended up at the English Club table where they were doing a fundraiser: for a dollar you got to "fish" for a prize. If you got a blue square, you got a book. iIf you got a red square, it was a bag of like two swedish fish, and a literary quote. The green square was a five dollar gift certificate to a local bookstore. I got a blue square, so I picked out a book.

I thought about giving them the books I had brought to swap, but I think I'll do BookCrossing instead. Candice has been pimping it and I think it would be fun. My aunts do PaperbackSwap, though.

Anyway, I came home and I realized goddamn, I really do have piles of books all around my house. Even after I built the bookshelf and PUT books on it. So no more books for me for a while (You: Hahahahaha just wait til Borders does another $1 sale; Me: STFU, but you're right.)

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