Friday, May 21, 2010

kara is a pigeon, your argument is invalid.

This post is brought to you by Strawberry Coolatas. Those motherfuckers are delish. Props to DD for giving me a batch of coupons via mail.

I am 2/3 complete with Operation Pack My Shit. I hate packing. I also hate unpacking. The next time I move it better be to fucking Antarctica. (No lie: those of you on FB saw me post a link to a job search in Antarctica! And they hire retail people. Hell I'd be a retail clerk in Antarctica, negl).

After today's 90 degrees, I'd much rather be in Antarctica, let me tell you, internets.

PS: I can't watch Lost as it airs because I will be moving in that timeframe so I will be offline Sunday AM until I get a chance to watch it. I hate Spoilers and especially for this show. I can't believe it's ending. I feel like the time went even faster than Battlestar, which I could kind of figure the endgame for, but not who was gonna make it to said endgame.

What's your favourite series finale? I don't think I've seen one that totally satisfies, excepting Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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