Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Well, that's why they're pimped.

Idol STYLE! Judges' & Contestants' Choice songs tonight.

First they did contestant's choice, which is always interesting.

Casey did a song I'm only vaguely familiar with: "OK, It’s Alright With Me."

This was well sung, and the goat was kept tied out back for most of it. But it just left me cold and I couldn't get into it.

Crystal did what Wendy's wanted her to do all season: "Come to my Window," by Melissa Etheridge.

Like the judges, I kept hearing Etheridge's original in it, and Crystal tried her darnedest to make it work, but I can't get past the original. And this is really the only time that has ever happened on Idol unless the song was horrifically butchered. (See: Urban, Tim - Apologize)

Lee did what the boards were scuttlebutting he should do: Simple Man, by Lynryd Skynyrd. I probably butchered that.

Lee, however did not butcher the song. Apparently it's his favourite song, and you can see it in every line of the song as he sings it. I totally rocked out to this one.

Judges' Choice. See these leaked out on the internet a week ago, so I was totally unsurprised by the choices. Well, that's a lie. But I knew them ahead of time.

Casey - Kara & Randy picked "Daughters" by John Mayer

That's enough John Mayer. It's a terrible song, but Casey did a good job on it. I was impressed enough to think that Crystal actually might be in danger after her lackluster performance of "Come to my Window." I paused to get a snack and returned.

Crystal - Ellen chose "Maybe I'm Amazed" by Sir Paul 'I Don't Know What Province I'm In At Any Given Moment' McCartney.

I thought she would nail this one out of the metaphorical ballpark and she totally did. Setting aside her instruments, it proved that Crystal has the chops to be a dynamic performer. I truly enjoyed this performance and I know Casey is in serious trouble. Cougars, get texting.

Lee - Simon thinks they're brosephs, so he chose "Hallelujah," one of his favourite songs for his favourite buddy. Never minding that this was already performed on this season of the show. (See: Urban, Tim.) Then he said he expected someone to have a moment with this song, which is wrong. (See: Castro, Jason.)

Anyone else remember WAAAAAAY back in Season 2, when Clay Aiken was going up against Ruben Studdard in the finale? He did "Bridge over Troubled Water." Which he sang wonderfully. But it was forever and ever and ever destroyed for me by the attack of the Choir.

This? Is what happened to Lee doing this song. There he was, singing along wonderfully to a horrible movie theme version of the song, and all of a sudden a huge choir appears out of nowhere. I SEE YOU, BACKUP SINGERS. Way to go, ruining a perfectly good performance again. If Lee Dewyze loses this week I am squarely blaming you.

However, I feel that Lee had the best night, and Casey is on his way out. I could be surprised, and like Melinda Doolittle in season 6, Crystal the Frontrunner Bowersox could be out in 3rd place.

PS: Since NameTwin really wants to go see the tour, we're gonna go see this group of Idols on the summer tour when they stop here in Albany 17 July. Yeah, I know. I was broke as fuck when Season 7 came to town, but what the hell.


Uh, lost giveth and taketh away again. Mega props to Michael Emerson in this episode. Both in Sideways World and here, he proved his mettle and I simply adored it. PS: Don't think Richard is dead. Like Lepidus, he's not done yet.

Also, they teased us with Jack's sideways babymama, but since Elizabeth Mitchell hasn't shown up yet since LA X, I'm betting the farm that she's the bbmama.




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