Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My heart is in Bolivia right now.

Idol time!

Songs of the Cinema + Duets. Is that something they introduced last season? I feel like maybe S2 had them but I really don't remember. Also, why didn't Ryan mention the television classic The Jamie Foxx Show?

Lee Dewyze - Kiss from a Rose
I was bored with this, and think it was a bad song choice. Weaksauce from a contender for top two.

Michael Lynche - That Song from Free Willy
This was ok, slightly better than Lee's, but I still don't care.

Crystal Bowersox & Lee Dewyze - Falling Slowly
Like the judges, I loved this. I want the iTunes studio version. Their voices complimented each other nicely and I really loved the camera work, for once.

Casey James - Mrs Robinson
Dear goat, that's a tiny guitar. PS: You still sound like a goat being lead to slaughter. No dice. Ugh, Randy, way to kill the joke. I totally forgot Kara's the token cougar on the show.

Crystal Bowersox - I'm Alright
I don't remember this song from Caddyshack but I can recognize a yacht rock song when I hear it. Crystal does an excellent job on it as well, although it was a little shouty.

Michael Lynche & Casey James - Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman
I remember Daughtry did this by himself and it still sucked, because the song sucked. Casey can play a guitar, that's for sure, but ugh, this was completely and utterly terrible. I don't know WHAT the judges heard. Props to Ellen for making the easy joke.

Best of the night: Crystal & Crystal/Lee
Worst of the Night: Casey & Casey/Michael
Bottom 2: Casey & Lee (Oooh, look, I'm being ~controversial~)
Going home: Casey

PS: Allison Janney on Lost, in an episode that was merely mediocre and I need deconstruction from Doc Jenson to save. your thoughts?

PPS: Just watched the Top Gear special in Bolivia and I must say how much more I want to go to freaking Bolivia and Chile. GDI, boys. Also, uh, the British I mean Jeremy Clarkson are really xenophobic, damn.

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