Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hiro Nakamura is MY hero...

Yes, I'm late as hell on the bandwagon, but I finished The Tudors S1, and as agonizingly historically inaccurate as it was (the Duchess of Suffolk/Dowager Queen of France does NOT die before Wolsey does [and her name is NOT Margaret, her name was Mary -- King Henry VIII had TWO sisters, Mary and Margaret], and Wolsey certainly didn't kill himself....), it was very very very good.

But since I'm still tethered to the five foot cord, I need some entertainment, so I started Heroes S1. My points of quibble:

-Niki is supremely annoying. Also her magic car and the magical dead bodies in the truck is kind of a nice deus ex machina.
-Peter Petrelli needs to stop being so damned emo.
-People need to be nicer to telepath Greg Grunberg*
-I heart Hiro so much.
-Dude, they froze the guy and took his brain.

And why is everyone on this show (save Hiro, who is the most cheerful person EVER) so gorramed DEPRESSED?

Also, while watching Mohinder listen to the tapes and that chick, I forget her name, find the lizard, I totally said this to Kristen (who suffers me talking my way through most TV shows that I watch behind her): "We named the lizard Mohinder." (Ok, it was lame, but it made me chuckle)

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