Monday, January 26, 2009


I can't get it to work, so I've given up for now. I'm on a five foot tether to the modem with this bitch and it's incredibly frustrating. Ahh well, maybe now I will be able to watch some TV shows while I internet?

in other news, I lost my debit card yesterday. So I spent THIRTY FIVE MINUTES, most of that on hold, to get myself a new debit card. Thank goodness that I actually LIKE my bank, or else their phone services would convince me to switch to another bank asap. "Do you want to continue holding, or can you just call back in an hour or so?" OH FUCK NO NOT HOLDING.

I also have to dispute my phone with AT&T. See, I have a prepaid phone, and every $100 you put on it they give you free $$ for it. I got a text msg on the 5th of Jan saying that if I put just $25 more on my phone I'd get $20 for free. So Friday, I put $25 on the phone.

Guess what? They gave me $10. And I got a text msg today stating, "hey congrats, we gave you $10." NOT. ON. You fuckers owe me that other $10, or else I WILL be switching to a new prepaid service. And since Verizon's out (fuckers don't like to listen when you change your plan), I am down to TMobile, Tracphone, or something else, I'm sure.


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