Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's not wednesday now / but i give you the haiku / check these puppies out.


It's now That 70s Lost.
Marvin Candle, Bossman.
Time travel, oh of course.

Hi, Faraday! What?
Temporal prime directive
Can't interfere here.

Insert Janeway hate
Where's Captain Braxton now?
Things are worse than ever.

Ben pulls the car round
Tells Jack to bring out the dead
Locke is still dead, guys.

three years earlier
The island dun got moved good
But not where we think.

But there is no camp
only zuul. wait, not zuul.
Locke is gatekeeper?

Kate's familiar sight
Men want to ask her questions
like, "Really - you, Jack?"

Instead, men in suits.
They want Kate for Springer Show.
Maternity test.

Kate does the Kate thing.
She runs, but not to Fillion
Why didn't she get shot?

Locke got lost again.
Why didn't he stick to partner?
Hey, that's Boone's death plane!

Locke gets shot (again)!
Wait, Ethan? Isn't he dead?
Weekend at Island.

Sun's going to fly.
Team Anti-Ben screens her out.
Widmore's No Fly List.

Team Ben watch TV.
Hurley's a crazy killer.
Wait, Sayid did it.

Sayid has safe house.
Hugo, Sayid go to White Castle
But first, man tossing!

Safe house not so safe.
Tranqs can't stop Sayid, at first.
New: Death by Dishwasher.

The producers know
Sawyer shirtless, lip service.
Fangirls approved this.

Locke hops along slow.
Hippity hop hop hop hop
Down the bunny trail thing.

hark someone approaches.
Guyliner Richard appears.
Gives Locke a compass.

Locke asks what it does
Leads to Isla de Muerta
Wait, wrong fandom here.

(I will do the rest of the episode tomorrow.)

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