Friday, January 09, 2009

My lip blew up today

I had lunch, a typical lunch for me -- roast beef sandwich and Curly fries from Arby's, and a Dr Pepper, and after I finished eating, my lip swelled up.

SWELLED up huge. Like I had a bad collagen implant. I freaked out, because it had never happened to me before. Our store mom said to me that it was an allergy, and the other manager offered to go get me benadryl to make it stop cause it got bigger. It eventually stopped and started to get smaller, but you can still kind of see it. Looks like my lips are chapped, and that's really annoying.

What's even more annoying is that I don't know what caused it -- our speculation is that the restaurant changed the oil they use, and that's what's bothering me. But I wouldn't know what kind of oil it was, I guess I could go ask. In the meantime I need to go get benadryl, or some anti-histamine because it's still kind of bothersome. And either the cold weather or this is throwing my asthma into play so I need to take more albuterol. YAY DRUGS.

So uh, how was your day?

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