Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oh New York...

Of course New York one ups the rest of the state. Anything we can do, they can do better, it appears.

So today, I was reading along on my google news feed when I encountered this story: Emergency Landing at Albany International Airport. Apparently an Air Canada jet had some problems landing, since all four tires went. Now I'm no expert, but that sounds not good.

Of course New York City had to go one better: not only did they have a plane emergency, they had to LAND IT IN THE RIVER. See all the pictures.

Luckily no one was killed in either crash. I just found the contrast interesting.

(I'm such an upstate snob.)

And yet despite my self-proclaimed dislike for the downstate part of my, well, state...I'll be in NYC on Sunday.

(I would have provided Times Union links for both stories, but their site is down. I did instead learn something very valuable from this site, courtesy of Paint Tomorrow Blue.)

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