Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh Lost.

Something for everyone in here -- even if you don't watch Lost, I specifically included some pop culture references inside these haiku. Can you spot them?

Do not read this post if you do watch the show and haven't seen these episodes yet though.

Dan visits Desmond
Tells him Go Back to England
Is going wrong way

Desmond & Penny
Were on a three year tour boat
come sail away, eh?

Sayid is not well
Don't die, Sayid, please don't die.
Hi Ana Lucia.

New Guy is Frogurt
Miles is Ninja Hunter
Shut up now, Frogurt.

Jack needs his drugs, please.
Ben took them, poured them down drain
Oh yeah, Jack says, "good."

Everyone Returns.
Yes, even baby Aaron.
Island 4 Lyfe Yo

Cheech makes a sandwich
two sesame seed buns, of course
also caviar

"Dead Pakistani"
Jack, He might be a Doctor.
Bring Sayid to him.

Kate pays a visit
I wanna push the button
Aaron is normal.

Flaming arrows, run!
Shuts up this Season Five's Arntz
Frogurt En Fuego

Kate, don't be so dumb.
Tell the very rich lady.
Strange men want kid.

Jack plays doc again
Let's see if he fucks up now.

Ben, The cleanup man
Except Hurley doesn't go.
There are four dead guys!

Locke rescues them all.
Let's play to the pain, ready?
Juliette keeps her hands.

Ok, so here is the second set, from this week.

Previously on lost
Ben moved the island
Time Continuum

Desmond finds Island...
OF Great Britain. But, TWO ISLANDS :(
Pen doesn't agree.

He is there for Dan
Daniel Faraday sent me
TO uh settle his debt.

Don't do it, Miles.
It's a Rousseau Trap*, oh wait.

The bad guys attack
Dead bodies out the water!
They're not Dharma.

Mega giant bomb, shit!
Faraday, Physicist.
Sidekick is his mom.

Desmond @ Oxford
No Faradays are here.
Ooo coverup time ooo.

Desmond loose, London.
Lady is catatonic
Oh SHIT Widmore. RUN

Charlotte. LISTEN GOOD.
No, seriously.

Desmond storms in there
Mr Hume, Mr Widmore
Faraday's place.

Locke, show the compass.
Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa back up.
PUt the gun down, Widmore

Desmond, do not lie.
Penn7 & Charlie will go
Boat trip to LA.

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