Thursday, March 11, 2010

this is a Non-American Idol Post.

We're not talking about how my heart is breaking for young Alex Lambert, the Mulleted Wonder, and how he should be on the Top 12 instead of most of the dudes and some of the ladies.

Tonight I'm gonna talk about how my weakness is mulleted singers who sound like British dudes I adore Coca-Cola. See, even though I'm not Catholic, I like to try to give up something for Lent, and I usually fail at it. Last year was an exception with the french fries, which I made it through and haven't eaten nearly as many of since. So I figured I'd try soda. Not caffeine, cause that's a baaaaaad idea, but soda. Simple, right?

One week in I totally wanted a Coke, so badly I went to CVS and walked up to the cooler and nearly took one out but I got an Arizona iced tea instead. Good job, me.

Got through the first couple weeks ok, but then every time I'd see someone drinking Coke I wanted one very badly. VERY badly. Then yesterday I spotted my nemesis. You see, for the Canadians & Australian in the house, our soft drinks are made with High Fructose Corn Syrup, as are most things here in the States. (Try not buying anything with HFCS, it's harder than you think.) It has a sticky sort of aftertaste when you drink it, although it's still palatable. Then I discovered when I moved to Albany the glory that is Kosher Coke. You see, according to some part of kosher dietary laws that I'm unfamiliar with, HFCS is not allowed during Passover. So in order to satiate the people who can't drink it during the duration, Coke makes Passover Coke. AKA Kosher Coke, AKA Mexican Cola AKA Awesome in a Bottle. It's noticeable by its distinct yellow cap. (Oddly enough, they also make a Diet Coke with the yellow cap but I don't understand that because diet colas are made with artificial sugar and not HFCS.)

So today I was in the grocery store and I got a bottle of spaghetti sauce, and I couldn't resist buying the Kosher Coke. And I chose to drown my sorrows for my mulleted AI boyfriend in Kosher Coke. Don't judge me.

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