Wednesday, March 10, 2010

American Idol Recap!

Lee Dewyze - Fireflies (Owl City)
I said, “Oh Dear God,” cause I hate this song but I like what he did with it! But lose the vibrato, my dear boy. (Potential AI Boyfriend)

Alex Lambert - Trouble (Ray Lamontagne)
I still love this kid’s voice, he reminds me of James Morrison. I liked it, but I kinda drifted off a bit.
“Don’t be a cocky banana. Nobody likes that.” - Ellen.

Tim Urban - Hallelujah (Jeff Buckley)
My exact words were, “What? NO!” And yet he doesn’t suck doing it. What is this fuckery? Also, I’m certain that this song should be b& from competition. Also, Ellen should hug more contestants.

Andrew Garcia - Genie in a Bottle (Christina Aguilera
Not feeling this that much, there’s no spark to it. Good end to the song though.

Casey James - You’ll Think of Me (Keith Urban)
He’s still got the vibrato but it’s not as bad this week. Really good. Watched this twice cause Miss Distin is in love with her future American Idol husband.

Aaron Kelly - I’m Already There (Lonestar)
Started weak, but he’s got the country genre in the bag. It’s a little rough in the middle, and a little annoying but I don’t hate ALL of it. Shut up, Kara. YES SIMON. You tell her.

Todrick Hall - Somebody to Love (Queen)
Oh dear lord. Someone needs to back off the helium. A rough start but I don’t hate the rest of it. Sounds par for the dudes for the evening, actually.

Michael Lynche - This Woman’s Work (Maxwell)
Whaaaaat. I don’t know the song originally. But once you get past that horrific falsetto at the beginning, this is a fantastic take. What the hell, why is Kara crying?

My favorites: Lee, Alex, Michael
Should go home: Aaron, Todrick
Will go home: Aaron, Andrew.

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