Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Ladies' Night On Idol!

I started it late, worried sick whether or not Bow-er-Sox(!) would be able to perform after reading dismal things on the internet about her. She was hospitalized for what the internet scuttlebut said was the 'beetus, and there was a possibility that she wouldn't make it for the show tonight.

She did! And she was first.

Crystal Bowersox - As Long as I Can See the Light, CCR.
This is why they delayed the show a night and I am SO glad they did. Straight out the gate with a home run.
Kara of course effed up and said that she did "You Oughta Know" last week, when she did "Hand in My Pocket." Ryan, eager to save us from another Paula-gate, corrected her as quickly as he could.

Haeley Vaughn - The Climb, Miley Cyrus.
Maybe it's my innate hatred of Miley Cyrus but I do not like this song. Haeley's too cloyingly sweet, so maybe she can land a job with Nicole Richie's headband line, since she makes her own headgear. I wrote down, "WHAT THE FUCK IS KATELYN EPPERLY WEARING" at this point. Enunciation of the middle of words would be nice, but I can't throw stones since I can't properly say a multiple consonant cluster to save my life (Kitten, middle, bucket, you know the list. Try me IRL!)
Kara says she's a year too young. Guess who is a year too old next year, Kara? Angela Martin. And she would have sung the hell out of this song. /not bitter

Lacey Brown - Kiss Me, Sixpence None the Richer
This is the band that covered Crowded House, so I have little respect for them, but I wrote simply this: "I am neither under or overwhelmed by this performance." I assume I was simply whelmed, but that can't be the case as I am not in Europe.

Katie Stevens - Put Your Records On, Corinne Bailey Rae.
I don't even care that it sounds too old for her, I loved this song on her. She did an amazing job and I don't care that's she's only 17, I'd probably buy her album. Or download it like I did for certain Idols from last year.

Didi Benami - Lean on Me, Bill Withers.
My favourite memory of this song is my cousin Mike going round the house in AL blasting this song and singing it as loudly as he could over and over again. I mention that because all I liked about this performance is her outfit.

Michelle Delamour - With Arms Wide Open, Creed.
I hate Creed. Hate hate hate hate hate more than most people hate Avril Lavigne's Sk8r Boi (he was a sk8r boi she said see you later boi). But Michelle made this song palatable. She's still one of my favourites, and I made sure to vote for her because I think she's on the bubble :( But uh I feel compelled to mention that she stole Bjork's Oscar outfit.

Lilly Scott - A Change Gonna Come, Sam Cooke.
I remember someone from season 6 doing this, either Syesha Mercado or David Archuleta. I'm still WTFing at Katelyn's outfit at this point. She got a little shouty at the end but still palatable, again.

Katelyn Epperly - The Scientist, Coldplay.
This is one of the few Coldplay songs I can stand and it was because Aimee Mann did a gorgeous cover of it (and i need to youtube the Natasha Bedingfield version Simon referenced). Katelyn put me to sleep, like she did Ellen. (Excellent subtle burn, Ellen, btw).

Paige Miles - Walk Away, Kelly Clarkson
This is one of my favourite Kelly songs, and Paige did a nice job of it. I can see why they like her and her voice, and I hope she sticks around a bit more.

Siobhan Magnus - Think, Aretha Franklin.
I love this girl. I don't know where she came from or what she smokes before each interview/performance but she needs to keep it up. Team Siobhan!

And Ellen's line of the night: "They said don't mix sleeves with a blanket and look at the Snuggie."

My favourites: Crystal & Siobhan
Should go home: Didi & Haeley
Will go home: Didi & Lacey.

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