Tuesday, March 30, 2010

american idol post cause it's tuesday

american idol: no caps, no html edition

stop trying to make simon/ellen happen.

siobhan magnus - through the fire (chaka khan)
i see you, backup singers, lurking. oh no, siobhan, that was bad and you should feel bad. oh wait, she does.

casey james - hold on, i'm coming (sam & dave)
i enjoyed this one. i keep feeling like he's forgetting the words but usher said he had forgotten them in rehearsal, so that could be why

mike lynche - ready for love (india arie)
forgot big mike could play guitar. this was really good!

didi benami - what becomes of a broken heart
this was very pagenty. ryan, that was a hot mess of a post-song interview

tim urban - sweet love (anita baker)
i feel he is singing to his puppy dog. just like constantine maroulis did in season 4. also this sounds lounge-y but for tim it's not bad. also, simon, in case you forgot, i love you.

andrew garcia - forever (chris brown)
i hate chris brown, but i didn't hate this cover. this is the andrew we loved in auditions. good show. also i love andrew's mom.

katie stevens - chain of fools (aretha franklin)
is it sad i forgot about her for a minute? wow everyone except siobhan stepped up tonight, even little katie. this song isn't the best for her but i just want the judges to shut up and cease their goddamned bickering. thank you ellen, for staying out of the fray.

lee dewyze - treat her like a lady (the cornelius brothers)
damn is there like plague going round these contestants? crystal, paige, aaron, and now lee. also, i really see him as a lead singer of a band like breaking benjamin. this was my favourite performance of the night and he has officially become my american idol boyfriend.

crystal bowersox - midnight train to georgia (gladys knight and the pips)
why are the backup singers always lurking? crystal is on fire tonight and i want her dress.

aaron kelly - aint no sunshine (bill withers)
he's getting much better, but this wasn't that awesome. maybe this season won't suck after all. who am i kidding?

favourites: lee, andrew, crystal
least favourites: didi, siobhan, tim
bottom three: tim, didi, katie
going home: tim or katie.

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