Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why St Patrick's Day is Awesome to me, Despite not being Irish.

Four years ago today two of my favourite ladies and I hit the town. And by town I mean George St, which for the uninitiated is North America's longest street of simply bars. This evening was filled with more than one memorable moments, including me photographing a busted up shopping cart, Ash threatening to buy me a cod to kiss, and Candice trying to eat Ming, the hamster. This ended with the cab chase down the nearby street, since George Street was blocked off for the paddy wagons and ambulances.

I haven't had that much fun going out on an evening in a long time, and I miss those ladies and that city desperately. If you want to see my albums from that trip, you can see them here: Newfoundland ♥. (IF we're not Facebook friends and you would like to be, simply add me).

I really wanted to write out a nostalgic romanticized post about this, but my head is pounding and I have to work in the AM again. I am liking my new job so far, and I got to see so many cute children today, I love it. They're easy to distract too.

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