Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Right quick American Idol recap for your reading pleasure (or not), Rolling Stones Edition

Mike Lynche - Miss You.
Very musical theater esque.

Didi Benami - PLay With Fire
She does look mad. Why are the swaybots going? Also she really sounds like Adele.

Casey James - It's All Over Now
Dude. The Vibrato. Lose it.

Lacey Brown - Ruby Tuesday

Swaybots are go. Lacey, that was bad and you should feel bad. Also your hair is a bird. And I liked the arrangement.

Andrew Garcia - Gimme Shelter
Oh, no guitar. Yes, this is the Andrew we liked.

Katie Stevens - Wild Horses
Someone had to do it. Little slow, but well sung. Swaybots are go again, and Simon flipped someone off.

Tim Urban - Under My Thumb
Oh dear he's playing guitar. Oh dear lord. Hey, why is it ok for Tim to rearrange a song and make it suck but not Todrick? At least he was entertaining.

Siobhan Magnus - Paint it Black
I don't care I love her I love her I love her. Katelyn Epperly Hair Homage? Also, Laurie, who never watches AI was so impressed that she turned on her phone JUST to vote for Siobhan. The last time that happened? David Cook. *knock on wood*

Lee Dewyze - Beast of Burden
Also the vibrato's not that bad this time. His tone can waver into annoying but if he was fronting a rock band I wouldn't hate.

Paige Miles - Honky Tonk Woman

I said this wasn't a diva song but as I think back on it I don't hate it. ALso, a romper = instafail.

Aaron Kelly - Angie

THIS is what this song sounds like when done well, young Mister Kelly. Yours was terrible. Also your swaybots were broken.

Crystal Bowersox - You Can't Always Get What You Want
Acoustic version. I enjoyed this as usual.

Best of the night: Siobhan, Crystal, Didi
Worst of the night: Aaron, Lacey
Going home: Andrew (I feel like we only eliminate one a week from now on)

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jStar said...

What are swaybots? Is it like when Paula used to stand up and dance like crazy for her favourites?

I watched last night. I was at at my Mommy's pure accident.