Tuesday, March 02, 2010

It's the Opposite of Pants on the Ground.

Why is Ryan touching everyone tonight? What are they blurring out in front of Kara anyway? Also her dress is sideways. I do not understand.

Billboard Hits night

Michael Lynche - This is a Man’s World (James Brown)
Nice strong start. Little slow for me, but the vocals are ok.

John Park - Gravity (John Mayer)
That’s enough John Mayer. (/obligatory).
Can I get an upbeat song in here pleaseeeeeeee? The vocals are ok but I don’t like this song.

Casey James - I Don’t Wanna Be (Gavin DeGraw)
Oh dear, he’s gonna play guitar. Eeelectric guitar. This is where being an actual musician and not just a singer comes into play. Brother needs to lose the vibrato though. Also a haircut. Half expected him to smash the guitar.
Randy, STOP namedropping.

Alex Lambert - Everybody Knows (John Legend)
Mullet playing an instrument. Still a nervous Nellie; sounds like James Morrison which I can get behind a bit. Mostly cause James Morrison is English. Oh brother, no that note was a bad idea.
Randy, what? Way legit? Apparently the mullet gives him super powers. Oh lol, Ellen and I are on the same page.

Todrick Hall - What’s Love Got to Do With It (Tina Turner)
Subtle, understated, smooth. I think I like it. Except what is with guys doing horrific last notes? And apparently Todrick is the only one who isn’t allowed to make songs his own.

Jermaine Sellers - What’s Going On, (Marvin Gaye)
What. “I rocks my onesie.” Uh. I kinda dig the tie-dye bowtie, but I dunno about the song. Simon, that was kind of a burn.

Andrew Garcia - You Give Me Something (James Morrison)
Is also a breakdancer. Who knew? I got nothing, it was good.

Aaron Kelly - My Girl (The Temptations)
Oh dear lord. Like a less talented David Archuleta. And I say this as a David Cook fan.
Ok, he’s totally part tomato. Yay, Simon and I are on the same page again.

Tim Urban - Come On Get High (Matt Nathanson) [VoteFortheWorst]
Oh the girlies are at it again. Actually, I’m scared, he’s not bad. One of my favourites tonight.

Lee Dewyze - Lips of an Angel (Hinder)
He’s adorable and can sing. Reminds me a lot of a certain Season Six winner that I loved. One to keep an eye on.

So who should go home?
Tim Urban & Jermaine Sellers.

Who will go home?
Jermaine Sellers & John Park.

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