Tuesday, January 26, 2010

American Idol POST! (Haters gonna hate)

So I watched AI tonight and it finally really sunk in why all you people HATE Kara. I mean I didn't really care for her at the beginning, but oh my god is she obnoxious. UGH I wanted to actually toss my Coke in her face like Katy Perry threatened to do.

Speaking of KP, I wasn't expecting much from her or Avril Lavigne as guest judges. I couldn't see what they'd actually bring to the table because Avril really sucks, and KP is more known for her outfits than her music.

I didn't like Avril. She really looked like she couldn't be bothered to be there and her stupid cat ear hoodie drove me crazy. I could see where she was coming from by telling that one contestant that he shouldn't be in the competition because leaving his family and going on the road isn't the best thing for them. To be fair, she is divorcing her own husband because they are incompatible and I'm assuming that time spent on the road for both of them was a problem (she was married to Deryck Whibley of Sum 41, who sounds like a douche just for the spelling of his first name, let alone the band he's attached to).

Katy Perry on the other hand, I was surprised by. She up front said she wasn't gonna take any shit and she didn't. She told everyone exactly what she was feeling and no amount of pressure from Kara ("GIRL POWER!" Uh, Kara -- you realize Victoria Beckham's no longer the guest judge, right? Also your BFF, Kristin Chenowith? Not here.) I loved that KP had no problem turning down people, not sugarcoating it like Kara or Randy did. I loved that she had a genuine reaction of dismay to the contestants ("They frisk them down before they let them in here, right?" She demanded of Simon). And I loved her seeing right through the BS that is the fluff pieces. "This is not a Lifetime movie," she told one contestant after Kara said that his story was so compelling and that was why she said yes. And I agreed with her and Simon. I wasn't blown away by the kid with the 25 foster homes. Jonah what'shisname that lived in his car in Nashville was more interesting (Season 7). Between her and Shania Twain, I very much enjoyed their guest shots.

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