Thursday, January 14, 2010

My house is deathtrap

So I told you guys about how the wiring in this place sucks donkey balls. And how the roof leaks. Well, they fixed the roof (apparently they told Kayla they were coming but she was not here so I got woken up by roofers). But I think mold set in. Kayla found a leak in her closet and there is definitely mold up in that piece. Tonight she got really nauseated and only felt better when she opened the door to her room. Now it could be coincidence, but like Leroy Jethro Gibbs I don't believe in Coincidence. The handyman is coming tomorrow to look at it.

Segue (I'm not creative and I just took my valerian. Sue me)

There was a shooting the other night just down the street from my house. Two people injured, not life threatening, but I really miss my house over on Allen St. It was a far safer neighbourhood despite the fact that all the signs in this area say "SAFE CORRIDOR." I don't believe you, St. Rose and SUNY, I just don't.


So again my ass is being kicked into gear into finding a place to volunteer during the week when I have days off. I asked Ashley and Amanda, two girls I know do a lot of volunteer work and they gave me a couple of suggestions, but I would like some more ideas. Anyone in the Albany area got any thoughts?

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