Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Warning: Profanity-laden rant ahoy.

Ok, assholes of the world -- let's get one thing straight. In this state, I as a pedestrian have the right of way in a crosswalk, unless it's a red light.

So if I am crossing a rarely-used side street, no lights in sight, you can wait the bloody fucking thirty seconds it takes me to fucking walk across the ten feet of the street to the other side.

So hold your goddamned horses and don't fucking honk at me cause I'm in your fucking precious way. Those thirty seconds you spend waiting for me won't matter when you're home three minutes later. All you do is make me fucking pissed off and more likely to walk slower, asshole.

I've got fucking long legs and a brisk pace, especially if the mp3 player's got a fast song on, which it usually does. SO I'm not inconveniencing you all that fucking much. Bloody sit the fuck down in your fucking giant ass SUV and wait. It won't bloody kill you. Pretty sure you're not the one freezing your extremities off in a half mile walk home from your bus stop. You and your most likely heated car can just sit there and take it. It's THIRTY BLOODY SECONDS.

And yes, I did flip you off as you drove by. I dunno if you could see it cause it's FUCKING DARK OUT and I wear black gloves. So go to hell.

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