Saturday, January 09, 2010

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I forgot to update yesterday and I think I broke my streak of posting once a day this year. Sad :(

Thursday I had to say goodbye to a friend of mine. She's getting married and moving to Springfield MA, which isn't too far away but it's far enough. Her last shift was 6am-12pm on Thursday, so I got there at 11:30. Turns out that they sent her home at 9! Whoops. So I hung around Colonie Center til she came back. I already miss her.

Friday I did laundry. Metric fuckton of laundry. And I still have more to do! Argh. That's what tomorrow is for. I went to put my $20 in the change machine but it wouldn't take it cause it was ripped, so I had to go next door to the dry cleaner that owns the laundromat to change it in. Mission accomplished. So I did laundry.

Thursday night I found THROWBACK DR PEPPER, which is made with REAL SUGAR instead of high fructose corn syrup. HUZZAY! So I bought it. Try the Colonie Chopper on Central for it, if you don't find it in your own shops (if you don't live in Albany, I'm sorry).

I purchased valerian capsules and a daily multivitamin. I'm looking forward to seeing if valerian helps my sleep any, so I'm testing it out tonight. I think it might be working cause I'm kind of already sleepy and I just took it like 10 minutes ago. Might be a placebo effect though. We'll see.

Borders continues to separate me and my money. I had a 33% off coupon and I didn't intend to use it. They stuck a rack of a brand new book in my face (well right in the entrance to the store on my way to the bus. Jerks). It's called A Reliable Wife and the description grabbed me from the second I read it. I got all the way to the escalator when I turned around and went back for it. I hope it is as good as it sounds. I have such a freaking big pile of books to read, I love it. I just need to get back to Walmart and get their $20 bookshelves.

Tomorrow I'm working on watching football and laundry. Must make sure the Patriots win. That's how it goes.

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