Sunday, January 17, 2010

food and exercise.

So I randomly stumbled across one day and I checked it out. It looked awesome, but due to space limitations in my room I can't do it yet. But also linked on that page was Two Hundred These sites advertise exactly what they say. So I started the situps. I did miserably on the test and ended up in the first column for the weekly runs. I was very skeptical, but even while doing the first sets of them I could feel it working. I just finished week one, and I'm looking forward to doing week two to see what it brings.

I mentioned that I was doing this to Dr Tiffany (I call her that because she's in school for occupational therapy and studies stuff like this), and she said to me, "Amanda, you know you have to add cardio to that." I told her sure, ok, but now I don't know what to add for cardio. I'm not a runner because of my lungs. Googling says I could do jumping jacks, but I live on the 2nd floor and I don't want to be a bother to my neighbours. So kids, what other suggestions have ye?

In other news, I was tormenting Derek with the thought of a garbage plate, which is a Rochesterian delicacy. Wikihopping led me to this epic and classic article on a Long Island separatism movement: despite being two years old, is chock full of hilarity.
Also now, I really want michigans. I'd ask my mom for the recipe but no one makes 'em as well as she does.

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