Tuesday, January 12, 2010

this is a television-heavy post

I now am officially stocked up with television shows to follow. My list is the following:

-American Idol - I'm a junkie. I'll admit it. I need the Idol like a crackhead needs a hit. It's terrible and I can't help it. Although to be fair the bad auditions make me cringe. And I get annoyed because I end up wanting to cry from the sob stories. But it's people! Singing! Also, I just gotta say that we have a possible North Country Idol in the making, so I'm down with that. Need more details to make sure he's North Country, but he did go to Crane, teaches at Cumberland Head, and may be the same guy who worked with Katie at Old Navy. The screen said he was from Rome though, which is CNY but I will claim him if it pans out. Sorry.

-NCIS. I'm behind three episodes but I will catch up eventually -- holidays ate up all my time. Still love this show and I'm glad I discovered it. Makes up a smidgeon for losing Battlestar.

-Castle I am very far behind on, since I recorded the entire season and had only seen three episodes. But I watched two tonight and I fell in love with Nathan Fillion again. (The reason I have a twitter)

-Chuck. I watched most of season 1, and I know all that happened in season 2, so I feel that I can start S3 and watch the old episodes later on by borrowing my brother's DVDs. I taped the premiere and I'll sit and watch it later in the week.

-Psych comes back in a couple of weeks. I always forget how good this show is. It's not about the crimes, it's about Shawn and Gus. I would watch them read the phone book for the lulz. I'm not even kidding. Dulé Hill and James Roday are the best buddy team on TV today bar none.

-Lost! My last big show. I've gone through such heartache and anger and irritation and various other emotions with this show, and yet I can't quit it. And now I really can't because it's the final season. I know there will be a huge Lost-shaped hole in my TV heart next year, but I can't even really comprehend what it means right now. Like Battlestar, this show kept me going through a lot of crap in my life. As lame and cliché as that sounds.

And finally my newest show is Border Wars, on National Geographic. This is such a compelling series. If you get a chance to watch it I suggest that you do. It's shot in Nogales AZ, and details the ICE and CBP work day and night along the Mexican border. Incredibly real, compelling stories and I hate to say characters cause they're real people. The enthusiasm they have when they make a drug bust is contagious; the comprehension and the compassion they have for the illegal immigrants they pick up is intense. Like they understand, but they have a job to do. It's just so good. Everyone go and watch it.

I'm sticking it to the History Channel cause all they have on now is Apocalyptic Shit and Pawn Stars ripoffs. And I didn't even LIKE Pawn Stars. Ugh.

So tell me, is your television schedule too heavy? What are you watching?

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