Saturday, January 02, 2010

caught a light sneeze

Developing a small cold again, which is supremely annoying. Mainly cause I hate being sick. I can deal with being injured* but I am miserable when sick. But life goes on and shit.

Today I went with my friend Wendy to see Wicked at Proctor's which I thought was in Troy but really is in Schenectady. Schenectady has the misfortune of being the crappiest of the three cities. Also, it was colder in Sch'dy than in Troy or Albany because of the goddamned wind. I hate wind. I hate it more than I hate hot weather, and you all know how I hate the hot weather.

Ok, so Wicked was very very very awesome. I first read the book years earlier (I was trying to find the post I made about it, but I can't find it now, alas and alack). As soon as I found out there was a musical I made sure not to spoil myself for the soundtrack by listening to it ahead of time, and I was grateful for that. The music is pretty darned good, and Marcie Dodd has quite the voice.

I liked what they did with the musical as opposed to what the book had**, but I feel that it was lacking something by having a white dude play Fiyero. Don't get me wrong, he did a wonderful job, but in my head, Fiyero is distinctively non-white, and the book made a point of making that clear as well. It goes more with the musical's theme than the book though to have him be white.
I also didn't care for the ending, but it made sense again for the musical's story than it did the book's ending.

Overall, I did love the show. I'd definitely see it again***. I downloaded the soundtrack when I got home and I enjoyed listening to Kristen Chenowith as Glinda; but after hearing Marcie Dodd, I was kind of underwhelmed with Idina Menzel, whom I know the Internet has a thing for. But I didn't mind her!

So I decided that instead of tackling the giant stack of books that I haven't read yet I'm going to re-read Wicked. Because I can.

*Except my left arm. I can't function without my left arm.
**The book has a lot more uh shall we say adult situations, and is SLIGHTLY pessimistic.
and by slightly I mean a lot
***and again and again and again. NO AND THEN.

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