Thursday, January 07, 2010

Things I just do

I was wandering through Barnes & Noble, while waiting for my friend Amanda to meet me at the mall when I spotted an endcap of books about writing. I've been thinking about getting one, because I'm so paranoid that I'm not as good a writer as I think I am, and I'd like some reinforcement in one direction or the other. (Ash, I did promise to upload my novel for you to read and I will tonight.) I want to publish it but I'm worried that no one will take me or my little story seriously.

I'm not banking my whole life on getting published, nor will I stop writing (you'd have to chop off both my hands and possibly my feet to make me do that and even then I might just learn how to hold a pen in my teeth). But I would like my stories to be read by someone who isn't me.

I've been seeing a lot of resolution talk going around the internet, and I just want to say I've made my own set of resolutions. I do it every year, but I actually intend to go through with them and make it so, as Sir Patrick Stewart used to say. SO here's my small list:

-Get a place to volunteer in Albany a few days a week. Ideally I'd like to tutor children, but I don't have any certifications or anything like that. I also wouldn't mind working in a setting helping people who are underpriveleged; someplace like the Social Justice Center on Central Ave. I dunno. This I want done by the end of the month, so I need to get a move-on on it. Anyone in Albany got any ideas on how to find a place to volunteer at?

-Get my student loans in order. This is going to be pretty tough, since I have them from three different schools and probably they are all over the place. I want to at least know and speak to all of them by April 1, so I can try to pull them out of default, and maybe get them into some sort of deferment.

-Get a doctor and a health checkup. Lately I've been feeling under the weather and with my newly earned health insurance I should be taking advantage of its opportunities. This means I have to go and call the stupid health insurance company because its website locked me out, not recognizing that I actually do know the answer to my security question, which is the city where I was born. I'm pretty sure I know that, and if I didn't I have my birth certificate. Assholes. This is going to be done by the end of the month. Tomorrow I'm calling to get the lock picked.

-Get my Peace Corps application done. This will be done slowly because there are a lot of parts to it. ANd I believe that someone on my flist found out that you need at least six months of volunteering time in before they'd look at your application. So if we do the math, this needs to be done at the earliest in July or August.

-Grow a spine. Sometimes I'm too flexible and let people walk over me. I just need to say what I'm feeling and damn the consequences.

-Incorporate other exercises along with my walks. I'm going to learn how to do sit-ups and push-ups. My endurance is severely curtailed by my asthma and this current respiratory illness. When I was home at Thanksgiving, my dad had me try breathing on one of those machines that tests your lung capacity. Mine is severely diminished. If I don't get it up to par, I am fairly certain the Peace Corps won't want me in some remote village in the tropics with an impaired lung system.

-Put all but the most essential of money into my savings account after paying off my sister and my credit card. Yes, I need money for food and essentials.

-Eat as few things with High Fructose Corn Syrup as possible. Coke and Dr Pepper are exempted from this list, because they are the nectars of life. Right, Candice? ;)

I wish you all the best of luck with your new year's resolutions if you made them, and I hope for nothing but good tidings for all of you.

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